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8 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Child with Life-Threatening Injuries from Dog Attack Dies in Jacksonville

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  1. Word to the wise: If you’re asked to dog-sit a pit bull, say no. If the family of this child had said that, she would still be alive.

  2. This baby girl passed away. Just got the updated story this morning on our news. Check out for updates.

  3. If you are asked to house sit even a adult that has a Pitt bull on the premises, say no. You could be the next person mauled or killed.

  4. I wouldn’t allow a pit bull to set foot on my property. There’s no excuse for these pit bull attacks to keep happening. Everybody knows these dogs are dangerous, whether they admit it or not. It’s high time to make laws that strictly limit or completely ban all pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Parents who expose their children to these dangerous dogs should be charged with child endangerment and if the child dies, charge them with manslaughter. Get rough with these idiots and things will start to change. Keep letting it go and innocent lives of people and pets will continue to be taken in a most horrific and brutal way. This whole thing just makes me sick and very, very angry!

  5. Colleen, you posted a video of a pit bull attacking a husky decoy. That video. Everytime this type of attack happens, I think about that video and the shear power and speed of the dog with that first attacking move. The attack is so swift and violent even an adult an arms length away could not prevent it. It makes me sick when some dog expert comments on these attacks with the “any dog” could do this and “all dogs” need to be supervised because even a pit bull being supervised could attack and kill with the adult having no ability to prevent it.

  6. It would be helpful to get the Animal Control investigative report. To see the history of the pit bull. Florida has weak dangerous dog statutes. (Weak as evidenced by Sage the pit bull. Documented attack on another animal,then bit Animal Control officer… all before facially disfiguring 6 year old boy in Winn Dixie parking lot. Subsequently returned to irresponsible owner! WEAK dangerous dog statute in Florida.)

  7. Honestly, not everyone understand the risks pit bulls pose. The breeding/rescue industry pushing these dogs is incredible. I read that $3 million is spent each year just promoting pit bulls! And that doesn’t count the thousands of people who parrot their arguments for free. The victim’s side often just isn’t heard.

    I recently wrote about a family on my street that got a pit puppy. They have two young children, and they live in a duplex next to a single mom with a toddler and a toy breed dog. I don’t think these people hate their children or want their or their neighbor’s child or pet to be hurt. I think they are just ignorant, not malicious.

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