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6 thoughts on “Missouri - Proposed Statewide Bill Prohibiting Breed-Specific Ordinances Fails During Legislative Session

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  1. This is fantastic news. Thank you DogsBite for your continued effort to protect innocent victims from the ravages of pit bull and other vicious dog attacks. Victory is sweet.

  2. Wonderful news. Thank you for helping people find their voice to stand up to the anti-BSL machine.

  3. The tide is turning in our direction! And soon, it will be a tsunami.

  4. This is wonderful news. It's the show me state. Show me safe streets to walk or jog, show me park playgrounds where kids can play, show me neighborhoods where senior citizens can work in their garden, show me animal shelters with gentle dog breeds available for adoption. People can't just sit on their hands and expect this to magically happen. We have to speak up to the media and to our government representatives to make this a reality.

  5. I have tried to comment several times in favor of I believe in what you are doing, trying to do and have done. All my comments and the story of my daughter, Christina Burleson's death by three Pit Bulls on the 5th of Jan2014 have been erased. She was handicapped and the first death by.vicious dog of the year. Why? Even that question has been ignored. No one has been concerned about my passion for your org. P.J. Higdon – Tina's Mom

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