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3 thoughts on “Texas Woman and Her Rescuer Describe Savage Pit Bull Attack on The Doctors TV Show

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  1. Monica and Charles are both amazing people. Her injuries are horrific. Her leg was oozing.

    I don't know how people can listen to the story and not get that pit bulls are not acceptable as pets. Normal, acceptable pet dogs don't do this. period. No kind of dog that will do this is acceptable as a pet.

  2. Both of them are very brave for surviving what they did and for speaking up about it. It sounds as if they have each been gifted with a lifelong, wonderful friend in the process and I hope peace and full recovery are soon to come.

    This scenario is one that worries me as a runner. Being caught out on a trail with nowhere to go and only seconds to decide how to try and save yourself, how frightening.

  3. Lucy, I think part of the problem is that a lot of owners don't believe that THEIR loving wiggle butt could do this. Every time there is a story of a horrific attack or killing, you'll get some idiot posting, "My family has raised pits for years, and if you raise them right, they are the best dogs ever. It's all about bad owners creating bad dogs."
    To make the problem worse, when a pit is not mauling and killing, they can be wonderful, loving family dogs. People continue to deny the legacy left to these dogs of years of being bred to attack and kill. All of these dogs should be treated like a bomb full of shrapnel that will go off at any moment. Until they do go off, however, the owners don't hear the ticking. They listen to the lies, drink the Kool-Aide, and put everyone around them in danger.
    Colleen, thank you so much for this series of articles about the victims. You help to give them a voice, and it is so important that they be heard.

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