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4 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Comal County Woman, 75, Dies After Pit Bull Attack

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  1. So this is #6 in 3 1/2 months for Texas? I would choose many forms of death over being shredded by pit bulls..the torturous pain these two elderly woman suffered while just going about their daily living.

  2. I always wonder about what happens to the people I read about that were put in comas, or critical condition. There are just so many, I am sure some have died, but its not reported. Does anyone else track this stuff, to compare stats against. Even if they aren't breed specific.

    Several times I have tried to figure out what happened to a particular victim, but was unable too. The kid that was put in critical condition by his dad's dogs in NJ is one I think about, as well as the adult that was in a coma.

  3. You might be referring to the DHEC employee in South Carolina. There was a late February update: "Eric Rogers, the 28-year-old DHEC employee, was out on a work-related call Feb. 3 when he was attacked by two pit bulls near Driggers’ Wilderness Place residence … The victim underwent emergency surgery immediately and remains in an area hospital. His mother, Angela Rogers, said doctors kept her son in a medically-induced coma for about a week."

    We are the least likely to hear about children (state and federal privacy laws) and especially children when child protection agencies have intervened.

    It is foreseeable that 20 to 50+ victims of violent dog attacks die while hospitalized annually and the public is not informed about these deaths.

    "Does anyone else track this stuff?"

    We believe it is tracked on a state level, but that information is rarely shared with the public. This information in its base form, via hospital code W54 "Bitten or struck by dog," is forwarded to the CDC at some point by participating hospitals.

  4. We usually close comments after one year. Because this trial was 5 years after Betty’s death, we opened them back up.

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