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9 thoughts on “Texas Doctors Produce Study: Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs

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  1. fantastic job summarizing the study. this highly qualified team of researchers has a firm grasp of the pit bull problem and the courage to put it in writing. now let's hope texas listens.

  2. Only pit bull ownership advocates are criticizing this research. I wonder if they bothered to look at the credentials of the authors or the publication they criticize with such audacity.

    The sundry lobbyists, vet techs and self-styled experts who criticize this study are lobbing no more than pebbles scavenged from their own crumbling edifice.

    Thank you for the succinct summary. As always, your summation is well-researched, cited, comprehensive, accurate, and to the point.

  3. This conflicts quite a bit with the stances taken by HSUS, the ASPCA and others. While they speculate about pit bulls, doctors actually show the damage being done. Thanks DBO.

  4. Impressive study, impressive resumes. I counted 100 papers authored/coauthored by Joel E. Michalek, PhD and 36 by Stephen M. Cohn, MD. Thank you University Hospital researchers.

    Thank you for sharing this study with the rest of us.

  5. Currently, the HSUS is in danger of losing Tax exempt 501C3 status due Congressional scrutiny into to their excessive lobbying and meddling in State animal control laws. Most of the Pit Nutter "Charities" are guilty of the same.

    95 Californians, Floridians and Texans have been killed by Pit Bulls thanks to the Dog Lobby. Thousands more have been horribly mauled.


  6. Florida Dog Bite related hospitalizations spike 70 percent since 1999

    More than 800 recent Florida dog-bite victims were bitten severely enough to require hospitalization, said Deanna Krautner, Pasco health department spokeswoman. The median cost of those hospital stays was $17,000, she said.

    Since 1999, the dog-bite hospitalization rates have increased nearly 70 percent. Injuries are highest among children ages 1 to 9.

    The Health Department Spokeswoman omitted that Pits have killed 13 Floridians since 1999.


  7. In 2000, Dr David Blocker published this thesis for his Masters Degree in Public Health for the University of Texas. This was done using 1995-1997 data with the full cooperation of San Antonio and Bexar County Animal Control. They appear to have used the report as a doorstop.

    "The odds of a Pit Bull in Bexar County causing a bite were five times greater than for all the other breeds combined, at 4.9 to 1. Chow Chows and Rottweilers also had odds greater than the average, at 2.9 to 1 and 1.8 to 1, respectively. The odds ratios for German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers were significantly lower than the average, at 0.67 to 1 and 0.26 to 1."

    Texas has sustained 23 DBRFs by Pit Bulls since this report was published. As with the rest of Texas, Bexar County seems to be stuck on stupid IRT Pit Bulls…They have had three residents killed by Pit Bulls since the report was published, and absolutely neglect to pursue felony charges under Lillian's Law.

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