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24 thoughts on “Justin Clinton's Family Starts Campaign: 'Justice for Justin: Outlaw Pit Bulls'

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  1. Expect shock waves like this to spread. I'm glad to see people talking about taking action at the national level. States have had plenty of time to sort out their own messes. They have failed to protect the public. Make the ban federal. Bans have already been ruled constitutional. The American public is tired of losing their children to pit thugs.

  2. I'm proud of Justin's parents and the many supporters that have joined the battle against child mauling. All that evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing, but these good people are taking a stand and there's no better way to honor Justin's memory.

    I sincerely hope legislators are paying attention because this is not going away until pit bulls go away.

  3. How long before the nutters start with the death threats to this family?

    Ban the dogs so no one has to go through this nightmare again.

  4. I applaud them, too! The article talks about them only enacting a leash law, and the district attorney says there is little that can be done to prevent pit attacks. What????

    "Michael Jimerson, county and district attorney, said the county is limited to what it can do to prevent pit bull dog attacks." I guess he means they are limited until more laws are enacted.

    And in a truly ironic sense, this article is linked on that very page:

    "Crime Watch: Sheriff’s Deputies Assist In Capturing Loose Pit Bull

    A woman called Smith County sheriff's deputies to assist her in capturing her pit bull after the animal escaped its chain.

    According to the report, the owner of the dog was concerned because the dog had tried to bite a young girl's fingers through the fence before and the neighborhood was full of children and she was worried about their safety.

    The dog was caught and put back into the woman's backyard."

    Perfect example of a pit escaping containment. She has a vicious dog and is concerned about the children, yet she keeps the dog. Madness.

  5. The Pits that killed Justin just had a litter of 8 pups that were sold and proliferated, the responsible Pit Bull community has been AWOL on addressing that public safety issue.

    Screw em…Ban Early and Ban often!

  6. If "man biters were ALWAYS culled", as the nutters like to claim, then why aren't they culling man biters now? They seem to acknowledge that the behavior can be passed from parent to offspring by making that claim, so why do they argue so vociferously for current man biters who aren't even pit fighters to be spared? Seems to me they're deliberately making the breed even more dangerous.

  7. It's Nutterdom mixed in with No Kill which has them no saving known manbiters. Meanwhile thousands of Pits without bite records are euthd in the shelters everyday…but they just have to have the one that was in the media story.


  8. I hope that Justin's family knows that the BREEDER LOBBY will criticize them, and then tell lies to cover up the pit bull problem.

    They will contact legislators and bully them into opposing regulation of pit bulls.

    The breeders will get their new tool, Best Friends, to tell all kinds of lies about pit bulls to oppose bans.

    But people have to stand firm with legislators, and stand up to the profit-mad breeders.


  9. Excellent point about the culling, Anon. Most excellent. But you know how slippery those nutters are…they even turn the "culling" around to say that because of the past culling, the breed is fiercly human loyal. They only bite because:

    they were provoked.
    they were kept on a chain.
    they were not fixed.
    they were not socialized.
    they were not loved.
    they were not trained.
    they were abused.
    they were kept in a pen.
    they were just playing.
    the victim looked at them funny.

    To heck with trying to have reasonable debate with nutters — ban the breed!!!!

  10. The article has been updated. I'm not sure how this works, but: "The court also adopted a resolution calling for the banning of pit bulls throughout the nation."


  11. A Texan writes a great editorial:

    "Every time we have a pit bull attack and death, the breeders start writing about how loving and kind and gentle pit bulls are. They say other breeds are worse. They argue that the owners are bad and not the breed. They are just out trying to protect their interest. There is a way we can guarantee an attack will never happen again in Texas. Simply outlaw the ownership of pit bulls and mixed pit bull dogs. Better yet, do it at the local level. Perfectly legal and other states have done just that, and these breeders know that. They are protecting their income.

    There is a woman in Garland who is alive today because I was there to strangle a pit bull till he let go of the little 4-year-old Nancy in my neighbors' backyard. The dog was always a very nice and gentle dog. Especially around the family members, at least until that day. Luckily, I was playing in my backyard and heard the screams and saw him shaking her back and forth. Being 14 years old at the time, I was just barely big enough to stop the dog. These owners were terrific people and were not bad owners, and this dog attacked with no remorse and without warning.

    I heard no growling or barking. That dog was replaced by a collie, and that family still sends me cards and letters, thanking me. Let's urge our legislators to outlaw and ban the sale and ownership of pit bulls. How many lives can we save or keep from being harmed by acting now? I call for a citywide ban here in Longview."

    Jim Wright, Longview

  12. "There is a woman in Garland who is alive today because I was there to strangle a pit bull till he let go of the little 4-year-old Nancy in my neighbors' backyard."

    If the attack happened when the woman was 4, I'm guessing quite a few years have passed. Pit bull attacks are not a new problem due to a popular pet as the nutters claim, but a problem that has existed for decades. And it is getting worse. The most efficient may to solve the problem is to ban the dogs.

  13. I cant belive that they still cant see that their all the same. It's genetic, they are predesposed to commit crimes on humanity.

    I've heard people saying that we cannot descrimenate, and that is BS. So what if they are a minority, they are still the ones committing violent CRIMES on everyone else.

    So what if most people dont OWN them anymore and they are minority. They should all be BANED and REMOVED from the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Then we can live in peace again.

  14. The "discrimination" and "racism" lies are just that- LIES.

    Pit bulls are selectively bred and created BY MAN.

    Dogs aren't people. There can be no "racism."

    But this whole discrimination fraud was propaganda cooked up by the breeder lobby to attract small, gullible minds that serve as legislators, etc

    It is ridiculous, but these breeders will say ANYTHING to oppose regulation and protect their profits from these dogs.

  15. The terms "discrimination" and "racism" evolve from the difficult human plight and are used in the U.S. Constitution only in reference to human beings. The term "breed discrimination" was formerly used in reference to Nazi Germany, African American rights and women's rights. The pro-pit bull groups have latched onto the term hoping to compare a dog breed to this immense human struggle.

    Pit bulls were created through the "artificial selection" process of mankind to be the ultimate canine warrior in the dogfighting pit. Mankind succeeded in creating a dog that will: 1.) Inflict the most damage to their victim as possible with the "hold and shake" bite style 2.) Refuse to retreat even after severe violence is inflicted upon it — "tenacity" and "gameness" 3.) Ignore "normal" dog language such as submission and appeasement 4.) Hide warning signals prior to attack

    One City's Experience Denver: Why Pit Bulls are More Dangerous and Breed Specific Law is Justified

    Randall Lockwood Training Video: Dog Bite Prevention for Law Enforcement and Other First Responders

  16. These folks need to pressure State reps to sponsor a statewide ballot initiative allowing local communities to regulate dogs by breed if necessary for public safety and fiscal purposes. I bet it would pass by a landslide.

    Put it in the hands of the people and away from the influence of the $Multi-Billion Dog Lobby.

  17. Somebody told me they had a "right" to own a pit bull. I was like, 'yeah, since when did preservation of rights involve people dying?'

    That showed em.

  18. I think they should allow us to vote on it.

    The one thing I have noticed is the total disregard for any law by pit owners. They think they are above the law. If the law comes down on them, they cry and the pit nutters come to their rescue.

  19. Texans are one some of my favorite people. I know them to be straight forward and genuine. I do not understand with the number of innocent people in their state that have been killed and mauled by pit bulls why they stand for that breed specific piece of legislation that was slipped on some bill in Austin
    to continue. Texans, the Supreme Court of the United States has finalized for all time in a case Tellings V Toledo that cities have the right to regulate animals to protect their citizens. Now the legislation passed in Austin should be tested because it would be over turned and fellow Texans would be saved by regulating this dog through spay and neuter or ban

  20. American Citizens have a right by constitution to own guns not a pit bull.

  21. Behind everyone of these maulings there is a Pit Breeder lurking in the shadows…..

  22. Pitbulls should all be banned. How can we do this? It needs to be done and the owner's need to be locked up. If the dog attacks or kills a person, the owner's should be charged with assualt or murder.

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