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6 thoughts on “Natylee Murphy Update: Eight Months and 10 Surgeries After Brutal Pit Bull Attack

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  1. I'll be praying for Natylee and her mom. I can't imagine how they both must still feel.

    She's going to have to have surgeries until she's 16! This poor girl is going to suffer because of this injustice for her entire childhood!

    This is unacceptable, the price of owning a pit bull is too high. How can her relatives even look at their dogs now? My guess is because they hold their dogs in higher regard than their own little niece. Disgusting.

  2. There's another effect of multiple surgeries like that. Anesthesia can permanently impair memory and brain function. I'm grateful that there was follow-up on this story. People need to see that the attack is only the beginning of suffering and that there are long-term consequences to these incidents. A pit attack is not a "dog bite". It is a concentrated, prolonged mauling like one would expect of a bear or a shark. My prayers are with this family for recovery and healing.

  3. I wish that Rodney Ellis and other legislators in Texas could explain why honest people and businesses must pay their taxes, but breeders of fighting dogs can run unlicensed breeding businesses, breed violent dogs that cost vast amounts of money and suffering to the state and those honest citizens, but those breeders are allowed to CHEAT ON THEIR TAXES? And keep breeding dogs that maul and kill people, and cost the taxpayers?

  4. I am one of the grandmothers of Natylee Murphy. I cannot begin to tell you what this little girl has gone through. She is in Pre K now and is doing good. She is still having a lot of nightmares as well as her aunt. Her mother has got to be the strongest person I know in this lifetime. I cannot stand to look at or talk about a pitt bull dog. You see it effects other family members as well. Natylee loves all dogs except pitts. She is an amazing little girl. She is strong willed and not afraid to tell you what happened to her or what she thinks. I have no doubt that the doctors will make her whole again with the help of the Good Lord above. For without him we are nothing. I pray for her everyday and that is all that we ask of anyone else. Thanks so much for your prayers.

  5. Josue, I am SO sorry about the physical and mental trauma to your lovely grandchild, and to your whole family. We all had the nightmares, none of us can look at a pit bull without that sick feeling in the pit of our stomach. I hope Natylee has received counseling, medication may help, a treatment called EMDR was very helpful to me. Natylee's aunt and her mother may benefit from treatment as well. I went through a very dark period after my attack, treatment by mental health professionals was VERY valuable. I did not require surgery, I can't imagine that part. Natylee is a very brave little girl. Your family remains in my prayers.

  6. Pit bulls were bred to do this, to attack with the intention of killing. Just like herding instinct cannot be bred out of a collie, the killing instinct cannot be bred out of a pit bull. Many of them may seem very friendly and never appear aggressive, but as witnessed by many victims, they can snap in an instant. They should never have become family pets, and owners of pit bulls need to suck it up and admit their dog could become dangerous, and keep them away from small children and other pets. Many owners that have claimed their dog would never bite, that their pit bull protects their children and is faithful to the end, have had their dogs turn on them or their children. There have been too many young children like beautiful Natylee who have had their lives scarred, or taken away, by pit bulls. I personally have seen the sweetest pit bull I've ever known turn her teeth on her owner's arm after going into kill-drive. It happens too often. These are not dogs you can trust with your life.

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