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11 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Victoria Boy, 4, Mauled to Death by Chained Pit Bull

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  1. 41st Texan killed by a Pit Bull…Good thing the have a BSL-Pre-emptive State Law!

    "We have a Pit Bull Problem…Houston"

  2. How many more will it take before enough is enough. I am so sad for this child and their family and every other victim of pit bull attacks.

    I was glad to see this site referenced in one article but in the next breath a nutter making excuses-

    In 2011, 71 percent of fatal dog attacks reported in the U.S. involved pit bulls, according to Of those, seven fatalities were children 5 years or younger.

    "Pit bulls are gentle dogs," said Donna Smith, a dog behaviorist from Houston.
    Some pit bulls become aggressive because owners train them to behave that way, she said. "

  3. "O'Connor said that when he went to the scene, the dogs appeared to be friendly. He said the dogs did not bark when investigators entered in the area."

    Pit bulls (bred to fight or otherwise) are usually quiet on the chain and when they fight. A quiet pit bull hardly denotes friendliness. I pray the strike to the boy was lightening fast and that he did not suffer — lying in a field alone and dying.

  4. Manuel (Manny) Garcia is quite the piece of work; tales of his "grandad" introducing him to pit bulls when he was a kid and brandishing his own pit bull tattoo. "Preserve the breed" comes to mind, and that isn't about hog hunting, it's about breeding fighting stock. Gotta wonder how many of his buddies (and other "gamedog" worshippers) are calling this boy's horrible death a "yard accident."

  5. Seems odd, that there are legal requirements to have a fence around a pool to keep a wayward child from drowning in it…yet one can put up an inviting swing set and jungle gym, stake out ten "hogdoggin" pits and have a 3 sided-open fence.

    I guess it wasn't foreseeable that a child would wander into such a set up….

    Oh well, Hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter!

  6. The pool equivalency is an excellent point. Why is it the pool owner's responsibility to keep trespassing children safe, but not the dog owner's responsiblity?

    And there are myriad ordinances requiring general maintenance of a property aimed at public safety.

    But with dogs, its 4 year old beware.

  7. Interesting comment left at the Advocate:

    I was one that volunteered in the search for kyler. I did it because I myself am medically trained and my wife was out there too as she is an emergency RN. We were there and out searching in the hopes that if we found him and he was injured we could immediately treat him and get him to saftey. When he was found, we were gathered at the staging area. I told a member of law enforcement I was a medic and my wife a nurse, and noticing ems wasn't present to let my wife and I help the boy. When he told me there wasn't much left to help I felt sick. And when another LEO said one or more pit bulls had gotten him I was devestated. I've seen a lot over my career as has my wife. But I couldn't even fathom what happened to that poor child. Fenced or not, that child saw a dog and didn't know that some dogs ( pit bulls ) could be dangerous, actually deadly in this case. I can't imagine what transpired in that yard nor do I want to. I treated a child who's family dog who had never been aggressive before almost tore his ear off. The grand father after making sure the child was going to be ok went back to the house and shot the dog. I agree that any dog has the potential to be aggressive. Even small dogs can be nasty. But I've seen a house in the county with a pit bull chained at all four points of the house. Soon after I had saw this said house was raided by the SWAT team due to drug activity. What were those dogs there for? I am a dog lover and have one of my own, she is trained very well but she is in my enclosed back yard behind a locked gate. I have no illusions that my trained dog is docile and would never bite anyone. Hence the fence she is behind. But should one Google pit bull attacks it would make for some interesting reading. My wife was attacked by a pit rotweiller mix. I wasn't home, had I have been I would have shot that dog. The owner told my wife "he won't hurt you" as he bit her and tried to jerk her to the ground. The dog was seized by animal control and he was cited for dog at large. But he got the dog back. There needs to be a Change mad to the law, no second chances. If a dog attacks someone or another animal in prevoked it needs to be destroyed. Maybe we can't ban specific breeds, how many other children need to be killed before we.can?

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