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8 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Chained Pit Bull Kills Boy in Montgomery County, Texas

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  1. The video in my brain starts playing and I wonder perhaps many times that child saw others pet the neighbor's Pit Bull or maybe he saw its wiggling butt…there was some reason this child did not have the appropriate fear to stop him short of going near that dog. It was a chain-link fence probably 4 feet tall. It's possible something was thrown over the fence or he saw something on the other side of the fence he wanted.

  2. I agree with Decatur Al livin – I doubt the dog was acting vicious the whole time the child was climbing the fence and then walked into the dog's chain area.

    I cannot fathom why people are defending the dog saying it did nothing wrong. Do we really think it is right and appropriate that a dog kills a child under any circumstances. I am just speechless.

  3. Colleen, there is something odd about this story. It's hard to imagine that a 9 yr old girl got her 4 yr old brother "OVER" this fence. Maybe she went through the gate to get him ?? In this picture of the dog pen is where the car is parked the yard of the victim? I would like to know how long that chain was and could this child have been pulled over or under the fence. In other words, was the sister an eye witness – was she looking at the child when it happened???

  4. In one of the videos, and I'll have to rewatch it, the mother's friends allude to the sister pulling him back under the fence… (I think, again, need to rewatch)

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