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9 thoughts on “Ode to Michael Vick and a Savage Breed of Dog; Columnist Unleashes

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  1. Great article, but I wish the term "animal rights" was not being used to describe the pit bull advocates. I don't want the organizations devoted to helping factory farm animals, save wildlife habitat, etc. to be undermined by these people who don't care about anything but pit bulls.

  2. You bring up a good point nlbchi, but it is a tough call on his part. Should he have said animal welfare groups? Perhaps he should have said humane groups? Most people do not understand the difference between animal welfare and animal rights groups. The ones that do likely think the latter are more radical. But let's not leave out no-kill groups, because they at times claim to be both. Essentially, some animal rights groups oppose pit bull laws (including mandatory spay/neuter laws); most animal welfare and humane groups oppose them (at least publicly) and ALL no-kill groups oppose them. Blogger Mark Robison is a fine example of a so-called animal rights activist bent on protecting the reputation of pit bulls at the cost of tarnishing fellow animal lovers!

  3. I agree, Nlbchi. It bothers me that the pro-fighting dog lobby is being identified as animal rights folks–but it bothers me even more that some of my colleagues in the animal rights movement have bought in to the arguments proferred by pit bull advocates and breeders.

    Seeking the perpetuation of aggressive animals primarily bred to attack and maul other animals (including human animals!) is certainly not an animal rights position.

  4. Pit bull pushers are completely ownership rights activists in line with all breeders.

    They freely use and muddle animal rights and animal welfare arguments even though those arguments are sometimes contradictory, but it is just bullshit to cloud their drive to advocate for complete freedom to own pit bulls no matter what.

    It is disgusting that most (but not all) animal rights and animal welfare groups don't see this and don't object.

    The absolute abomination is that they also use HUMAN RIGHTS arguments and are getting away with that as well.


    This must be recognized and made clear at each opportunity.


  5. I actually saw an episode of "Animal Cops Huston" last week where the director of the animal shelter explained that all the pit bulls confiscated from a dog fight bust had to be put down because dogs raised for fighting are not a good fit as a family pet and should not be placed for adoption. I checked to see what year that episode was produced and it was 2010. You rarely hear anyone dare to admit that anymore. They should have admitted it with the animals Vick tortured.

  6. I ventured over to game-dog tonight because I had not been in so long. I was struck by a top-level thread, though this particular post was written in 2009.

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    Re: Dangerous dog data base
    What I don't get is that if animals are property, how is biting another animal 'dangerous'?

    This is the mentality that many humane, animal welfare and animal rights groups side with in their battle to "protect the pit bull breed." How persons in these groups sleep at night is beyond me.

    It's like MADD campaigning for pimps who "promise" to report alcohol smelling Johns engaging in illegal prostitution in cars (with minors to boot!) without a "finders fee" for the information.

    A BIZARRE union indeed!

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