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5 thoughts on “I Was Almost a Goner Says Sean Bajwa After Attack

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  1. Animal welfare reps and their precious Pit Bulls…The animal welfare community really needs to come to terms with “kennel blindness” caused by euthanizing so many dogs. Every other industry involved with safety examines human factors.

    Bravo Zulu to this heroic kid with the bat, He could have easily gotten shredded too.


    The above is basically a manual from the ASPCA of how shelters should handle pit bulls. It is disturbing to say the least – from the water bowl picture to the installation of panic buttons – all from an author who admits a bias in favor of these dogs. But I found this part most interesting and may explain why dogs are being adopted that should not be.

    As they regain their strength and vigor, they may revert to their normal behavior and sometimes become more aggressive
    • It is very difficult to make the decision to euthanize after the staff has bonded with an animal that has been rescued from an
    abusive situation

  3. Keep themselves safe but not members of the public! Someone needs to SUE!

  4. I am sorry…..I read the ASPCA PDF… bizarre that, after admitting how “different” and “dangerous” many pits are, they still advocate adoption!

    Although, the author does advocate not adopting out pit bulls from known fighting lines.

  5. More complicity from HSUS!:

    “We had to go back and re-engineer our housing because the dogs were able to literally pull apart the cages,” Kumpf says. “They were able to get through the stainless steel guillotine doors because the doors were not large enough and heavy enough to prevent it. They were able to fence-fight by jumping four-plus feet in the air to fight with the dog on the other side of the bars…They eat the resting mats, they eat the fiberglass panels, they eat the water bowls off the wall”

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