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10 thoughts on “Neighbor's Pit Bull Attacks 3-Year Old in West Virginia

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  1. To Jersey…amazing link! Finally, a dog warden who isn’t an idiot! He lays it on the line….that pit bull owners all think these dogs are sweet pets, and some may be….but by the time the dogs reach 11/2 years old or so, they want to do what they have been created to do….grab things, and shake them until they are dead.

    That has been my experience consistently…I am almost 50, and have seen many clueless families adopt pit bulls, believing that they are “just like other dogs”. Once the dog reaches sexual maturity…between 1 and 3 years….the dogs behavior often changes, and the owners are totally unprepared for it.

  2. Thanks to all who have taken notice of this story and are perpetuating it–this is my cousin’s little girl, and it has indeed been devastating for them. Hannah should be released from the hospital today–but when she was told she would be going home, she cried because she was afraid to go home “because that dog might hurt me.” I have never been a proponent of the wholesale banning of a breed, but this just happens WAY too often. How many children (and adults) have to be hurt or killed before it becomes important enough to change the laws? I know that statistically, these injuries are “insignificant,” but we all know that statistics lie. These injuries are devastating for the victim, their families, and often the dog owner’s families as well. It’s time to stop talking and take action…

  3. It often takes a personal experience for someone to understand how devastating these attacks are. The Shreves may not be able to fully contemplate the devastation for another 6-10 months. The unfolding and long-term ramifications of such an attack (from physical, emotional, financial and legal aspects) really takes time to digest. sends our prayers to Hannah and her family. Please write us back if the family begins a donation fund. We will post it to the site.

  4. I’m struck by the pattern of behavior from the article’s description of this pit bull owner who, “got on his hands and knees and screamed at the dog to stop.” (Like that will work!)

    Pit bull owners are cowards and wimps, plain and simple. Time and time again, the owner’s of pit bulls have the same reaction. Never mind their supposed shock and surprise when the “sweet family pet” attacks, but who typically turns into a bystander, flees the scene, or as in this case, falls to their knees and screams? Always the pit bull owner!

    Kudos to the two women who stepped to the dog. And as for the manly pit bull owning dude that went to his knees and screamed? Classic!

    Another truly beautiful child mauled because another truly stupid sissy thought he could hide his weakness with a pit bull. As if we needed more proof that, “Cowards Own Them.”

  5. Good wishes and prayers for Hannah; may her recovery be speedy and complete.

    I agree with the above poster. Real men don’t own dogs that maul little girls and old ladies. The visual of yet another macho man pit bull owner, on his knees screaming like a woman for the dog to “stop it!” makes me sick. I know a woman in her 50’s, who is all of 5 foot nothing, she can control her 120lb dog with a HAND SIGNAL! She can make that dog stop dead in its tracks, and walk by her side, doing military like turns. It takes brains, patience, and thousands of hours of training to control a big dog like that. THAT is cool….not owning some snarling, panting, dog-killing toddler-mauler that ignores its idiot wimp of an owner. If any of you knew anything about dogs in the first place, you wouldn’t own a pit.

    Note to macho men……you all look like idiots with your out-of-control pit bulls. Go buy some viagra and get a guinea pig, which hopefully you can figure out how to control.

  6. I know Hannah Shreves well–She is my great-niece. She has been raised with dogs in her home, her grandmother’s home and her aunt’s home. She has been taught to love and respect dogs,and now she has been traumatized by a strange dog that she had never seen before. Hannah is a highly intelligent child who now questions why this dog suddenly attacked her when she was only playing tag with her friend Christopher.

    How many more children & adults, family pets, livestock, etc. are we going to lose to these so-called “domestic” animals. There are laws regulating wolves, foxes, coyotes and other predators, why not pit bulls and rottweilers?

  7. To answer the question above…because it’s not about the children…its all about the money. Dogfighting is big business, breeding and selling dangerous pit bulls is big business. These dogs have become legal weapons. If you are a drug dealer, you can’t walk down the street with a gun in your hand, but you can walk down the street with a pit bull. This is like organized crime…huge amounts of money being made by criminals, who have gone to great lengths to protect a tax-free source of income.

    This is the for-profit breeder lobby….they really don’t care about the dogs, and they sure as hell don’t care about kids like Hannah.

  8. Anyone wishing to donate, monetary donations can be made at any Wesbanco location or mailed to:

    Hannah Rae Shreves Fund
    P.O. Box 178
    Paden City, WV 26159

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