Cockfighting: A Bloodsport Largely Unrealized by the American Public

Cockfighting knives: Click a photo to see a larger image. Man Killed in Cockfight archived Tulare County, CA - In early February, new sources across the country reported that a 35-year old Lamont man suffered fatal injury during a cockfight. Despite the image that a cockfight might evoke for the average American -- such as two roosters pecking each other to death -- a cockfight is actually far more sadistic and cruel. The birds typically enter into a match with razor-like kniv… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Rottweilers Fatally Maul Woman in Dillon County

Sirlinda Hayes, 66-years old, was attacked and killed by two rottweilers. Victims Blamed archived UPDATE 02/21/11: In a disturbing update, the victim's nephew, Billy Odom, blamed the attack on Sirlinda by suggesting the rottweilers attacked her because she was holding a hoe. Sirlinda had been using the hoe while she gardened just before the attack. Odom then blamed the next attack on Shawn Samuel -- the dogs' owner and also his cousin -- for not being "friendly" enough whil… [Read full blog post]

2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Kalamazoo Infant Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull

Darius Tillman, 15-days old, was mauled to death by a family pit bull. Victim Identified UPDATE 06/03/11: In February, baby John Doe was killed by a pet pit bull in Kalamazoo. Several days later, the story fell silent. The Kalamazoo Gazette recently obtained a copy of the police report under the state Freedom of Information Act. A Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety report shows that detectives sought involuntary manslaughter charges against the child's mother, Mallor… [Read full blog post]

Five Dogs Escape Fence and Brutally Attack Three Children in Fontana

Josie Arellano, the mother of the three children mauled by dogs. Felony Convictions UPDATE 02/18/11: On Thursday, a San Bernardino County jury convicted a Fontana couple whose mastiff and pit bulls seriously mauled three children a year ago. Judith Mendez Lopez, 56, and Jose Lopez Gonzales, 49, were convicted on seven felony counts of allowing vicious animals to be at large. Both face a maximum of 7-years in prison. Deputy District Attorney Kent Williams said, "We think th… [Read full blog post]

Activist Questions 'Journalistic Integrity' of Article by Sue Manning of the Associated Press

UPDATE 02/11/11: On February 11, the Associated Press published a new article about the poll written by Sue Manning. This article did include the founder of along with a spokesperson from the HSUS. It is unknown if Thomas Mair's letter played a role in its publication or if parts were revised prior to its release and after receiving his letter. The latest piece still utilizes Maul Talk, but is far more balanced than the first. Journalistic Integr… [Read full blog post]