It's Official: Pit Bulls Attack Planes, Trains and Automobiles

View Archive - While browsing through The New York Times historical archives recently, we happened upon an incident in 1911 where a "big white bull terrier" (known today as a pit bull) darted into a whirling propeller of a biplane killing itself. The force of the blow split the propeller and knocked a corner loose. The daring aviator, Harry N. Atwood, wanted to risk the flight with a piece of the blade still hanging, but was cautioned by his mechanics to rep… [Read full blog post]

Maul Talk Manual 1.0: A Guide to Understanding the Language of Pit Bull Owners and Advocates

Maul Talk Manual - Have you ever wondered why terms, such as "canine racism" and "dog holocaust" appear in mauling threads following a serious or fatal pit bull attack? How about, "You are ignorant" and "You are a racist"? In a project combining members of the community, we've defined over 90 phraseologies, separated into 15 categories, used by Maul Talkers (pit bull owners and advocates) to dominate and spin the pit bull debate both locally and na… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: McMinn County Woman Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull

Family Blames Noise UPDATE 09/04/10: An update from WRCB reveals that the owner of the pit bull was actually Mattie's daughter who did not offer her name in the news report. As suspected, the family (and unnamed pit bull owner) is blaming the brutal attack on "noise" from construction work being done on the home. Back in January, Johnny Wilson was killed by his daughter's six pit bulls. That daughter (also unnamed) suggested the attack was due to her father's "loud" voice. View… [Read full blog post]