It's Official: Pit Bulls Attack Planes, Trains and Automobiles

View Archive Article - While browsing through The New York Times historical archives recently, we happened upon an incident in 1911 where a "big white bull terrier" (known today as a pit bull) darted into a whirling propeller of a biplane killing itself. The force of the blow split the propeller and knocked a corner loose. The daring aviator, Harry N. Atwood, wanted to risk the flight with a piece of the blade still hanging, but was cautioned by his mechanics to rep… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bulls Attack Student Driver's Vehicle, Two Persons Inside

Normal Behavior? Claytownship, PA - A reader recently brought a story to our attention that occurred in August. The story involves a 16-year old student, an instructor, a student driver's vehicle and two pit bulls that had previously been leashed, but broke free. What do you think happened? Surprisingly, no one was physically harmed. The dogs attacked the vehicle, holding the student and instructor hostage inside. The damage to the car was reportedly $3,800… [Read full blog post]