Activist Questions 'Journalistic Integrity' of Article by Sue Manning of the Associated Press

UPDATE 02/11/11: On February 11, the Associated Press published a new article about the poll written by Sue Manning. This article did include the founder of along with a spokesperson from the HSUS. It is unknown if Thomas Mair's letter played a role in its publication or if parts were revised prior to its release and after receiving his letter. The latest piece still utilizes Maul Talk, but is far more balanced than the first. Journalistic Integr… [Read full blog post]

Survey Conducted: The Preference of Living Next Door to a Pit Bull

Nearly 70% Say NoIndianapolis, IN - In the May 2009 edition of Animal People, an article discusses an online poll recently conducted by WTHR-TV. The poll was taken to measure public support of the proposed At Risk Dogs ordinance by Indianapolis council member Mike Speedy, which would require sterilizing pit bulls. The poll found 69% support for Speedy's proposed ordinance, against 26% opposition and 5% undecided. Sara Galer of WTHR said that 1,988 people participated. On… [Read full blog post]