Woman, 36, Found Dead at Lansing Home; Police Initially Suspected a Fatal Dog Mauling then Cleared the Dogs

Lansing police initially suspected that a 36-year old woman was killed by two dogs. Dogs Cleared in Attack UPDATE 04/17/23: The Lansing State Journal reports that police have "cleared" the two dogs seized after a woman's death Friday that police initially termed a "possible attack." Ingham County Animal Control Deputy Director Dan Verhougstraete told the Journal on Monday the dogs were cleared to be returned to their owner and were not involved in the death. "We do not have… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Two Pit Bulls Habituating a Boarded-Up Vacant Detroit Building

Daniel Bonacorsi, 58, was killed by a pair of pit bulls inside a boarded-up vacant Detroit building. Man Killed by Pit Bulls Detroit, MI - A 58-year old man was discovered dead inside a boarded-up vacant building on Tuesday. Police believe the man was attacked and killed by two pit bulls being kept in the building. The man was found around 1:30 pm inside an expansive vacant building in the 5400 block of West Fourth Street. According to Detroit police Cpl. Dan Donakowski, the man h… [Read full blog post]

Sebewaing Police Chief Takes Pit Bull 'Lucifer' into Custody; Issues Rare and Inspiring Community Advisement

Police Respond to "Neighborhood Living in Fear" of Vicious Dog Sebewaing Police Chief Steven Repkie issues Community Advisement after dog seized. Community Advisement Sebewaing, MI - On July 29, Sebewaing Police Chief Steven Repkie issued a Community Advisement after a pit bull, named "Lucifer," viciously attacked a child in the face causing severe injuries. "The bite missed her carotid artery by mere centimeters," states the release, and she will need reconstructiv… [Read full blog post]

2021 Dog Bite Fatality: 91-Year Old Woman Killed by a Pet Rottweiler While Living at Her Daughter's Home

Sally Rogers, 91, was killed by a pet rottweiler in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Case Background UPDATE 11/08/21: On September 2, a pet rottweiler savaged a 91-year old woman to death. The dog ripped off her entire scalp and tore gaping wounds in her upper arms. The destructive bites fractured her shoulder bones and damaged her face. The victim, Sally Rogers, lived with her daughter Susan, who was also her caregiver. Susan had acquired the rottweiler in March of 2021. Her o… [Read full blog post]