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9 thoughts on “It's Official: Pit Bulls Attack Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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  1. This is amazing. Its always been this way with pit bulls – geez.
    They still attack airplanes, but now they do it from the inside.

    I think the american airlines plane was grounded for over a week for repairs on that.

    Now i'm wondering about the hindenburg, was there a pit bull on it…

    I bet the pony express has pit bull stories…that's why the horse is always running flat out…

  2. Like the Nutterdom — pit bull advocates, Best Friends, and countless other "humane" groups who consistently mislead the public about the safety of the pit bull breed — the Hindenburg was full of A LOT OF HOT AIR!

    On a separate note, it is not unreasonable to believe that an influential passenger aboard the Hindenburg demanded that his "bulldog" also be aboard the 1937 flight that ended in disaster.

    According to Wikipedia, at least one dog was documented aboard the flight:

    The dog owner was even suspected:

  3. Who can forget when Tige latched onto the castoff rope of a departing US Navy Airship, then soared up to 400 ft before plummeting to his death back in 1931?

    5 May 1931: Bull Dog "Tige" latches onto the cast off rope of a US Navy Airship, hangs on for several minutes, then plummets to his death in a swamp surrounding NAS Lakehurst NJ.,613704&dq=fatal+bulldog&hl=en

    And they wonder why the US Military doesn't use pits in it's working dog programs…

  4. 1953!

    "Attack on Helicopter Leaves Dog Injured," The Victoria Advocate, September 18, 1953 (

    TULSA, Okla. — Tuffy, pet bulldog of a local airport, is suffering a broken leg and a nearly severed ear today.
    Yesterday he attacked the whirling tail rotor of a helicopter. Total damage to the craft was $1,500. That included a broken propeller and vibration damage."


  5. Unbelievably stupid and vicious breed. Sometimes it's hard to fathom people who are stupid enough to keep them as pets.

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