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26 thoughts on “Pit Bull Advocate Rachael Ray Under Fire After Her Pet Pit Bull Attacks 'Again'

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  1. Rachael and her kinky hubby have plans to adopt a child.

    Rachael – who earned $15 million last year thanks to her best-selling books and TV shows – and John are wondering how their pit bull Isaboo will take to the family's new addition.

    "John and Rachael are devoted to Isaboo, but there have been stories about long-time pets having trouble with babies," said the source.

    "I'm sure that won't be the case here. Rachael's child will be the best-loved and best-fed baby EVER!"

  2. Doubtless, she has paid off all the owners of the victims of her trashy dog, so it has never gone through the court system and been declared dangerous like it ought to be. She shouldn't be getting any special treatment over this. The dog is clearly a menace and needs to be put down. If she loves dogs so much, why does she think it's fine for HER dog to hurt other dogs?

  3. Another report I read stated that, in a previous attack on another dog, Isaboo bit Rachael on the hand and left a "nasty gash" when Rachael tried to intervene.

    I am guessing that RR has backed herself into a corner on this; by being a breed advocate, and by insisting publicly that the only pit bulls that are aggressive are those who have been mistreated, she can't easily explain this away.

    If she does the right thing and puts the dog down, she will be villified by the pit-nutters for not working harder to "save" the dog, or not getting some other celebrity fraud like Cesar Millan to magically transform the dog…after all, we see it happen on his show, so it must be true, right?

    She is taking on a huge legal liability by owning this animal, and I am sure her business advisors are telling her that. The dog now has a lengthy, documented history of aggression, so if it ever huirts anyone, she could face huge civil, and perhaps criminal penalties.

    Once again, I am astounded by the fact that, in typical pit bull owner fashion, Rachael Ray could care less how many other dogs her "baby" injures. I have always said, there are dog lovers, and then there are pit bull lovers. Pit bull fans seem to dislike dogs in general, as they put no value on the suffering their breed brings to other dogs.

  4. It seems like the only thing that will wake up this pit nutter is when her well loved "baby" feeds on her own child! How disgusting…and the pit nutters are always so quick to list HER ownership and advocacy of pits as proof that pits are just little wigglebutts, maligned by a media conspiracy. What a fool she is. I just don't get how people can want to have a dog that attacks, other animals or humans. Yes, we humans do love our pets, and I would consider myself an animal freak, but in the end, it is just a dog, and euthanasia is a humane way to end the suffering of others!

  5. Better Than Ears Snacks! — Oh the Irony!

    In 2008, Rachael Ray donated a year's supply of "Better Than Ears" snacks to Bad Rap, a recipient of Michael Vick's dogs.

    Rachael, who's beloved Isaboo is a pit bull, commends Donna for her work in giving these former fighting dogs a better life. "There are no more bad animals any more than there are bad people," Rachael says. "So many people give them a bad rap — everybody deserves a second chance." To help the organization continue with their mission, Rachael surprises Donna with a $20,000 donation from Dad's Pet Care and a year's supply of Better Than Ears snacks.

    • Oh God forbid they clap. I wouldn't smile, laugh, cough, whisper, go per,eTC… I know when its my time, it's my time. But I sure don't want a horrific death by put. Getting my limbs ripped off one by one is not the way I want to for.

  6. Rachael Ray
    Pet Name(s): Isaboo
    She supports: Rachael's Rescue

    "Rachael Ray launched her own line of dog food, Rachael Ray Nutrish™, last year with the aim of helping animals in need. As described on her website, Rachael's Rescue, she gives her proceeds from the sale of Nutrish to animal welfare organizations such as North Shore Animal League and Bad Rap; these proceeds will also fund Mutt Madness. Rachael is a vocal advocate on behalf of pit bulls and has worked tirelessly to change people's impression of this misunderstood breed."

    The only thing "misunderstood" about pit bulls are owners like Ray who misunderstand pit bull dog aggression and worse, simply deny its existence (at the sake of other people's pets).

  7. It's not just Ray.

    Best Friends animal sanctuary, a supposed "humane" organization, also believes that it is acceptable to have and adopt out dogs that attack and kill other pets.

    Ledy VanKavage, their lobbyist, has outright OPPOSED any kind of dangerous dog legislation that addresses attacks on other pets. She has stated that doesn't make a dog dangerous.

    Of course since pit bulls are the primary dogs attacking and killing other pets, Best Friends does not want to admit that pit bulls have this problem and ARE dangerous because Best Friends has flat out stated they are in the business of PROMOTING pit bulls.

    Best Friends does not care that your dog or cat is slaughtered by a pit bull. Best Friends says a pit bull is more important than your pet's life.

    And animal abuse and torture is ok if a pit bull does it.

  8. Bad Rap is telling people that pit bulls are good with children.

    Ray is funding this kind of activity.

    When a Bad Rap dog kills a child, Rachel Ray will be sued.

    She is supporting child endangerment.

  9. 5th attack?!?…"Mrs Vick" needs to be facing felony animal cruelty charges!

    Why does the Pit Community believe that it is OK to hurt other peoples pets?!?


  10. I am surprised the mainstream bloggers didn't pick this up…Racheal Ray purchased her pit bull from a byber in Florida…

    Definition of a back yard breeder…someone who breeds untitled dogs, with no genetic health screenings, to anyone with a Paypal account. This breeder brags about selling Rachael Ray her dog. She has dogs dual registered UKC/ADBA…the ADBA is the registry used by dog fighters. Please read the puppy application…"will you be using this dog for dogfighting?" Duh! Do you think someone would answer yes?

    RR also gave an interview to Glenn Close in 2008 where she claims that Isaboo "is very socialized as far as other animals are concerned. She went to obedience school at a very early age and goes every day to a socializing doggy gym."

    So why is Isaboo attacking other dogs?

  11. Candiland has a litter of UKC Registered pups for sale.

    At the unbelievable low Price of $100!

    Get your pet ripper today!

  12. Ray to be Honored for Pet Charity Work
    North Shore Animal League America to present TV host with humanitarian award.
    Posted: May 25, 2009, 3 a.m. EDT

    Rachael Ray may be known for her presence on TV, but she is being honored for her animal-welfare work.
    Rachael Ray, TV host and bestselling cookbook author, has been awarded the North Shore Animal League America President’s Award for Humanitarian Excellence.

    NSALA has chosen Ray as the recipient of this award for her efforts on behalf of companion animals, according to the no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. The award will be presented to her at the eighth annual Lewyt Humane Awards Luncheon on June 3.

    Ray has helped charities that take care of animals through Rachael’s Rescue, which highlights animal welfare organizations such as NSALA, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls (BAD RAP).

    In 2008, Ray partnered with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to develop Rachael Ray Nutrish, a line of dog foods and treats. Proceeds from the sale of Nutrish are donated to pet charities.

    "I am heartbroken by the thought of the millions of mistreated and abandoned animals taken in by shelters each year and in this depressed economy the problem may only get worse," Ray said in a statement. "I am deeply proud of the work we are able to undertake through Rachael's Rescue with our partner North Shore Animal League America and I look forward to continuing our work together helping animals in need."

  13. Never forget that the UKC was originally set up as a Dog fighting registry with a requirement of three wins to "Earn" papers. It's founder CZ Bennett came up with the "American" Pit Bull Terrier moniker. Just many in the long line of aliases the bully people came up with to "blur" the trail of limbs and funerals.

  14. The AKC DOES however register pit bulls.

    They just call them STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIERS to hide the nasty.

    AKC Staffordshire Terrier breeders are among the most aggressive in trying to weaken or eliminate dangerous dog laws, oppose breeder licensing, oppose defining dogs as dangerous who kill other animals, allow first kills or attacks on people with no penalty, etc

    Some AKC Staffordshire Terrier breeders belong to and lobby for this organization

    wghich has been directly cited by various dog fighter breeders and groups as lobbying for their interests.

    Their members have also been found in online forums, etc lobbying with people with known dog fighter connections.

  15. A former AKC Vice President now owns the UKC.

    "The United Kennel Club, the second oldest purebred dog registry in the US, has been sold to Wayne Cavanaugh by Connie G. Miller, former UKC CEO and widow of longtime owner and president Fred T. Miller.

    Cavanaugh, former vice-president with the American Kennel Club, has been acting president of UKC since Fred Miller’s death earlier this year."


    "November 15, 2000. Kalamazoo, MI. Mrs. Connie G. Miller, former U.K.C. CEO and widow of Fred T. Miller, announced today that the ownership of the United Kennel Club has been transferred from the Trust of Fred T. Miller to U.K.C. President, Wayne R. Cavanaugh. Mr. Cavanaugh joined the U.K.C. in August, 1999 as VP/General Manager and has served as President since the passing of Mr. Miller in March, 2000."

  16. An award from the North Shore League would be embarrassment for me. When they were on the Pimping for Pits channel, I saw them send a pit bull puppy out the door, no home check/nothing, with two college students based on a phone call to their other roommate for a reference. I have spoken with other shelters around the North Shore League and was told they are full of NSL's adopted animals. And I got the distinct impression that NSL is not well thought of in that area because they do lousy adoptions. Course you can be the largest adoption group when you throw them out the door to anyone willing to take them.

  17. "Television talk show host Rachael Ray wants dog owners to try her new line of premium dog food."

    I just ordered my free sample. I'll feed it to the coons and have no intention of ever buying the product.

  18. You know you have an animal aggressive dog and yet you continue to put animals and humans in harm's way? Is Rachael Ray a complete moron? Why not put a muzzle on this dog whenever it is in public?! Why wouldn't one of her idiotic assistants who walk the dog put a muzzle on it?

    I just wish one of owners of the pets attacked would sue her for $20 million and wake her up to the fact that she has a vicious dog.

  19. Punitive damages are allowable for dog attack victims in NY state…I'd love to see her explain this 5th systematic attack to a jury…

    Sue her into oblivion!

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