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10 thoughts on “History Channel Airs Segment of Double Fatal Attack; Images of Dogs Shown

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  1. American bulldogs are basically just pit bulls on steroids, bigger and meaner. I think the breed should be completely abolished.

  2. Since this appeared to be an illegal breeding operation, was this woman ever charged for running an illegal business? Tax evasion? Or did she walk away from those issues

  3. How is $30,000 restitution for two peoples lives?

    If she was running a breeding operation, that amount was peanuts for her.

  4. According to one of the articles cited, I think we can add this judge, Livingston County Circuit Judge Stanley Latreille, to the list of pit bull protectors.

    The family was very upset at the short jail time he gave out. Diane Cockrell also got special allowances, like being able to put off her jail time.

    I'm sure Cockrell is already out, and probably breeding more pit bulls.

  5. From the History channel description, they talk about "packs of feral dogs" attacking people.

    The problem we have in our country is owned pets- breeding animals, fighting dogs, and pit bulls owned by the naive population.

    They are the ones killing and attacking.

    Not feral dogs!

  6. We are aware of the feral dog issue. We do not know how the makers of the show will fold in the Livingston, Michigan tragedy, except that it was a "pack attack." We understand that the show will cover the feral attack of Rodney McAllister in St. Louis. 10-year old McAllister was killed March 6, 2001 by a free-roaming pack of dogs and partially eaten. Memories of the McAllister case were revived on July 21, 2003 when 3 free-roaming pit bulls severely injured Ealgie Edwards, 55, just six blocks from where McAllister was killed. Coincidentally, two years later (May 2005), Lorinze Reddings, 42, is killed by his two pit bulls inside his home. Theresa Williams, the director of humane services at St. Charles County Animal Control, unleashed a huge distortion to the U.S. public by blaming the Reddings attack on "pack mentality" in hopes of whitewashing genetic pit bull aggression. The Reddings attack involved two "very well cared for" family dogs with regular visits to the vet that were inside the home and not roaming!

  7. As for packs of dogs, there are places like San Antonio Texas where No Kill fanatics have infiltrated animal control.

    They fill up, warehouse animals, but don't want to euthanize so they are refusing animals and not picking up strays.

    Result? More abandoned and stray dogs, and more attacks!

  8. And we all need to write letters to the History Channel afterwards. We need to encourage them to do more stories on these dangerous dogs.

  9. Just check the history channel for a write up and there is a short blurb. Don't like the sound of it because it is a takeoff on "feral" dogs rather than on pits. If that is the case, then we really do need to write. And it is under Monster Quest.

  10. I was part of a study by the Feds and when we started they were referring to "feral" dogs in the desert. It came down to that there were no such thing as a "feral" dog, only abandoned owned dogs. It is difficult to see puppies actually surviving long enough to be classified as feral, truly feral. These were stray dogs, that's all. And was I pissed at how they did this. Trapping and letting them go again, pregnant females too. This was a disgusting program, ill researched, and I am reporting them to Peta.

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