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3 thoughts on “Comment: The Humane Society Treats Cockfighting Differently than Dogfighting

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  1. There needs to be a letter writing campaign to end rooster discrimination by the Chicken nazis!

    There are no statisitcs that prove fighting chickens are any more aggressive than roaster chickens. Fighting chickens pass their ATTS pecking test at greater rates than other chickens..The haters!!!

  2. It seems easy for authorities to get real tough real quick when it comes to cock-fighting, but everyone gets all mealy-mouthed and squirrely when we talk about dog fighting. It’s pretty damned obvious when someone is a dog fighter, but we won’t PTS the dogs without jumping thorugh hoops, at the taxpayers expense, to prove that someone, somewhere, can safely adopt the dog as a “pet”. Seems like avian discrimination when none of the bleeding heart rescue angels care enough to try to “rehabilitate” these birds!

  3. To show you more disorienting, dislogic, check out the nifty press release from BadRap (one of a few groups that “rehabilitated” Vick’s dogs). Tomorrow, June 29th, they are marching the dogs in San Francisco’s Gay Pride parade. Isn’t it too bad that we don’t have time to make a banner and follow them that reads:

    In 2007, pit bulls killed 21 Americans. They were accountable for 60% of the fatalities. Many of the victims were “responsible” owners, and now their kid is dead.

    I doubt such a banner would go over so well at a parade DEVOTED to the celebration of human LIFE. It’s hardly appropriate that pit bulls should be included in such a celebration. Pit bulls represent catastrophic human SUFFERING.

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