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2 thoughts on “Flashback: Surrey SPCA Has History of Troubling Attitude

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  1. It most certainly should dissuade them! That is if they have half a brain. People who still get these dogs are either so far out of the loop they have no idea how to take care of them or they want a dog with that type of reputation. Either way, both owners are the exact opposite of what a good pit bull owner is. It’s time shelters face the facts: too much supply, not enough good homes to care for them properly. Placing a pit bull in every home will not solve the problem, ignoring the problem will not solve the problem. This means healthy dogs will be put down – that’s not the shelter’s fault and it is not the public’s fault. It is the fault of pit bull breeders, owners and advocates who do nothing to stop the supply.

  2. The animal welfare community is doing the public a disservice IRT ignoring the pitfalls of this breed.

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