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9 thoughts on “Fatal Livingston Maulings Spawn Modest Rules

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  1. “I had been avoiding this breed-specific policy for a long time but, with the circumstances that have happened in the last year, I was forced to do something,” Animal Control Director Anne Burns said.

    So it took 2 people and a horse to die before she acted?? She admits it!

    “If they come to retrieve their animal, they’re going to be prosecuted,” Burns said.

    In other words, a lot of pit bull owners are going to choose to have their pets put down instead of paying the fines. Works for me.

  2. Just the act of creating a “no adopt out” policy raises ire. It is a small step to take for sure (as the commissioner says), but it is also an effective first step in reducing the number of loose dogs. I hope the Harper family is successful in getting the state law passed that limits pits to one per household. That’s another subtle approach to confronting the issue — it effectively outlaws breeding!

  3. The Pit Bull community has had decades to address and solve the public safety issue with their breed. Instead the public gets the same hollow discrimantion arguments.

    The real discrimination has occurred over a two centuries when the dogmen killed thousands of docile dogs to refine the breed.

    It cracks me up how the Pit Nutters dance when the Dogmen/Breeder puppetmasters pull their strings.

  4. Great point dee. I really think that pit bull advocates want a pit bull in every home, so we all fall in love with them and turn a blind eye as they do when someone is killed.

  5. This is insane…..regulate the breeding of these animals, for the love of Pete!!!!!!!!!

    Make it illegal to breed these dogs, and they will disappear; why should the tax-payers keep paying to kennel these dogs for days, until they can be euthanized? I can’t decide to breed chickens or goats in my suburb, even if I have the room, because of health and zoning regulations…and chickens and goats don’t kill people! We regulate different types of domestic animals all the time…we need to stop the breeding of these animals. That is the source of the problem. All other attempts to regulate them will fail if we cannot control the human garbage that keeps breeding dangerous dogs and dumping them.

    We need to address the problem at its source….the breeders.

  6. The dogmen string pullers of the pit movement always refer to any regulation of the dogs as a ban. The word “Ban” riles up the dupes to reflexively send in money instead forthe cause of buying liability insurance.

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