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4 thoughts on “Florida teen kills pit bull, throws dog in dumpster

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  1. “Though a stepbrother, Mark Stanley Jr., 23, tried to remove Dadda Love from Scooby by strangling and beating the animal, the pit bull would not let go.”

    This kid made a couple of mistakes:

    A. Thinking Pit Bulls are cool.

    B. Not putting Daddy Love out of his misery and properly disposing him.

    Now explosively dog aggressive Daddy Love will become a poster dog for fundraising by the con artists of the Pit Community and he’ll be back out on the street…Just watch!

  2. Brandon Conklin, 18, was charged with causing cruel death or pain and suffering to an animal. He is being held in the Broward County Main Jail on $2,500 bail.

    Why isn’t this charge used against Pit Bull owners when their dog mauls a neighbors pet?!
    They know explosive animal aggression is part of the deal when they get the dog.

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