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5 thoughts on “Lawmakers and citizens of Missouri stay alert!

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  1. The Dangerous Dog Lobby loves to sneak in these preemptive pro mauling bills to make passing sensible local animal control laws impossible.

  2. Kansas is a huge puppy mill state…I am sure the for profit breeder lobby has exerted a lot of pressure on the legislature NOT to allow any breed specific laws.

    As they say, “follow the money”, and you will find the root of the “pro-pit bull” movement.

  3. Please cite where you are getting the evidence that “hardworking citizen’s” pay for dog bites. In reality, “hardworking citizen’s” are who is paying for Animal Control to round up non-problematic banned breeds instead of addressing dogs that are truely problems

  4. This is MO not KS. There are NO commercial breeders breeding pit bulls – please educate yourself. There is no money to be made by fighting pit bull bans.

  5. Seems like a few folks make a living travelling around the country providing “expertise” to legislators and judges.

    Of course, it’s probably peanuts compared to the money made by overbreeding and subsequently euthanizing millions of Pit Bulls.

    Follow da money….

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