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12 thoughts on “2010 Dog Bite Fatality: McMinn County Woman Mauled to Death by Family Pit Bull

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  1. Oh gosh thats awful!
    How many times have I heard about family Pit Bull attacking, and even killing? Too many!
    Some people tried to give me grief about putting mine down, but I refuse to let anyone become another statistic of what these dogs do.

  2. The Mike Vick story will never be understated when asked about impact to help raise unimaginable cash for pit bull propaganda machines and apologists. I almost got ill reading these bullet point lies in magazine after magazine @ local Pet Smart. Ironically, this store itself will not keep pit bull in their doggie hotel; undoubtedly after a lawsuit in which ungodly attack from pit ensued. Even ASPCA is trying to distance itself from "old" Randall Lockwood, Etiology of a Dog Bite. Really sickening the lack of reality and honesty about the inordinate strength and tenacity of this "man-made" breed. reveals propaganda. Thank You DBO

  3. The length of an attack was one of the things that most confused and then appalled me when I first began reading about pit bulls.

    I read accounts, like this, in which people describe being unable to stop the dog from biting, and they call the police, and the police attempt to get the dog to release the victim.

    At first, I wondered,"How did the police get there so fast?" And then I was appalled to realize these attacks – with constant biting go on for long minutes.

    It is so mind boggling, that it is difficult for people to really imagine how different a pit bull mauling is from most other dog attacks.

    Thank you for bringing this and other difficult-to-understand aspects of pit bull attacks to light.

  4. Stop Making Excuses, the people who have tried to give you grief about the decision you made are the same people who feel absolutely no grief for the human life lost when they hear stories like this latest. They care nothing for human life. They grieve only for the shot dog and resent the fact that it's "just another story for the media to hype" and "make pit bulls look bad". They seem incapable of understanding that when a dog kills a person and it gets covered in the news, it's not "hype".

    For nine years this dog was a family pet, and yet these same people will now try to claim this woman somehow abused the animal, the same people who would have praised her just last week for being so "open minded" in having a pit bull, the same people who probably praised you when you still had yours. They talk of "loyalty" of the dogs and "solidarity" in the pit community, when they are just as quick to turn as these pits that snap, because to admit that this could happen to any pit owner, even after nine years of a good life with the dog, is to admit that they are wrong, and that seems to be something few pit nutters are capable of doing until it happens to them. If they're lucky, they live to apply the lesson.

  5. cking, I so agree with you… I was trying to explain to someone the other day the difference in my deceased Pit vs. a different breed. It was terrifying! A normal dog, if it got into a squabble, you could scream "no" or kick it ONE time and it would stop… A Pit Bull, once they get into that mindset will stop at nothing! And I mean nothing! Even getting smashed over the head with a shovel don't stop tham.

  6. "They had raised it since it was a puppy, and the dog had its own room in their house."

    Uh-oh, i smell more victim blaming and a "shoulda practiced nilif" lecture coming on.

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