2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Mountain Ranch Man Mauled to Death by Two Pit Bulls

Jerry Yates shown at his Mountain Ranch business, The Gas Station. Pleads Not Guilty UPDATE 09/17/10: Sheryl Sellers pleaded not guilty in a crowded courtroom on Tuesday, despite her dogs involvement in previous acts of aggression. Sellers lawyer, Ken Foley, also filed a motion to dismiss Judge Douglas Mewhinney declaring that he was prejudiced against the defendant. Yates' daughter, Jami Southard, had hopped Sellers would plead guilty and put the incident to rest. "Sh… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 9-Year Old Kokomo Girl Mauled by Family Pit Bull Dies

Savannah Gragg, 9-years old, was killed by her family pit bull in Kokomo. Girl Dies of Severe Injuries UPDATE 06/03/10: It was reported today that Savannah Gragg died this afternoon due to the severe injuries inflicted by the family pit bull last Saturday. Marion County Deputy Coroner Carrie England ruled her death was caused by lacerations to the trachea that created a lack of oxygen to the brain.1 Savannah had been opening the door to let the pit bull outside when the dog sudd… [Read full blog post]