2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Philadelphia Woman Killed by Husband's Pit Bulls

Memorial sign after Carmen Ramos was mauled to death by her husband's pit bulls. Protocol Breakdown? UPDATE 09/02/11: A week before the brutal attack that left Carmen Ramos dead, neighbor Dolores Estrella described how the same pit bulls had attacked and bitten her. Estrella was not the only person bitten in the August 19 incident, Gus Castro was as well. The PSCPA allegedly sent the dogs home three days later, which is a rabies protocol violation in many cities. The agency li… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 37-Year Old Philadelphia Woman Killed by Mother's Pit Bulls

Christine Staab, 37-years old, was mauled to death by one of her mother's six pit bulls. Staab's Mother Speaks UPDATE 02/21/10: The mother of Christine Staab (See: Video), Barbara Erb, told the local paper that the two had been arguing when Christine fell backward (See: Pit bull triggers) causing her pet pit bull to attack and kill her. Erb said she tried frantically to pull off the dog, Jade, but could not get the pit bull to release its grip on Staab's throat. The four surviving… [Read full blog post]

Animal Agency, PSPCA, Distorts History of 25-Year Old Pit Bull Problem

Pit Bulls Attack Owner Germantown, PA - It was reported last week that two male pit bull-mixes attacked their owner and his son. Paramedics rushed both to Albert Einstein Medical Center after the vicious attack. Authorities say the two dogs escaped from their backyard through a hole in the fence and ended up in their neighbor's yard. When the 13-year old son went to retrieve the dogs, he was severely mauled in the face and arms. When his father ran to help him, they attacked him, t… [Read full blog post]

Head PSPCA Veterinarian Fired Over Alleged Care of Pit Bulls Under Investigation

Veterinarian Ethics? Philadelphia, PN - The head veterinarian at the Pennsylvania SPCA has been fired, allegedly after providing medical care for pit bull-mix dogs at a kennel that the PSPCA was investigating. James Penny Jr., an attorney for the PSPCA board confirmed that Dr. Ravindra Murarka had been let go, but said that he didn't know anything about an alleged PSPCA investigation of a kennel suspected of raising pit bulls in North Philly, where dogfighting is common. P… [Read full blog post]