2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Horrific Pit Bull Mauling in San Antonio Kills One, Hospitalizes Two, Injures SAFD Firefighter

Dog Owners Face Two Felony Charges Each, More Charges Likely

Pit bulls killed one person, hospitalized three others, in horrific pit bull mauling in San Antonio.

Third Arrest Made
UPDATE 03/10/23: A third arrest has been made in connection to the February 24 multi-victim dog mauling that left one man dead, his wife with critical injuries and two other people with bite injuries. The arrest comes after San Antonio police began investigating alleged threats and intimidation against neighbors who witnessed the deadly dog attack and spoke to media. Destiny Marie Cardona, 26, was arrested on March 9 for retaliation, a third-degree felony, court records show.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Cardona is the sister of Abilene Schnieder, who co-owned the dogs with her husband, Christian Moreno. Both dog owners continue to be held in the Bexar County Jail; each have been charged with two felonies. On March 3, Cardona went to her sister's home and saw a neighbor who had spoken to media outlets about the attack. Cardona yelled at the witness and threatened to kill the witness and their family member, the affidavit states.

In other news, a report from KABB shows that citations written by San Antonio Animal Care Services (ASC) have fallen dramatically since 2020. From 12,782 citations during the fiscal year of 2020 to 4,758 citations during the fiscal year of 2022, a 63% reduction. The fiscal year of 2020 comprised the first Covid year too, which ran from October of 2019 to September of 2020. Documents uncovered by KABB showed that it was a goal for ACS to issue fewer citations.

Issuing fewer and fewer citations and instead using the "education only" model for dog owners who fail to vaccinate, fail to keep their dogs from roaming at large and commit other violations, has long been part of the "no-kill" shelter model, whose primary goal is a 90% "save rate." Reducing impounds and citations decreases animal intake overall and decreases the number of owner-surrendered animals, whereby reducing euthanasia, even if the cost to public safety is high.

03/01/23: Wife Arrested as Co-Owner
As anticipated, after the wife of a man charged for the February 24 fatal dog attack gave a 29 minute interview to the media, police have charged her too. We stated earlier, “Abilene doesn’t understand that she can also be criminally charged. She’s a co-owner of these dogs that had two bites before the fatal mauling on Friday.” Abilene Schnieder now faces the same two felony charges as her husband, dangerous dog resulting in death and injury to an elderly person.

On Friday, Ramon Najera, Jr., 81, was mauled to death by the couple’s two pit bulls that had a history of escaping their property, biting people and aggressive acts. Three other victims were also injured in the Friday attack, including Najera’s 74-year old wife, a relative and a firefighter. Abilene was previously arrested for theft on January 30. She posted a $3,000 bond and was released from jail that same day. Her husband, Christian Moreno, however, has an extensive criminal history.

According to a document released Monday, the San Antonio Police Department received 39 calls for service in a 14-month period beginning Jan. 1, 2022, concerning Moreno’s residence. Only two of those calls were animal-related. The other calls included 10 complaints about fireworks, disturbances, Child Protection Services, four calls about a “wanted person,” five calls about an abandoned vehicle, two calls about loud music and one call about the sound of a gunshot.

The Moreno-Schnieder home was not exactly neighborhood friendly. Who is surprised the couple also owned dogs with a history of violence?

The couple previously lived in Medina County, reports the San Antonio Express-News. Moreno’s criminal history in that county shows arrests dating back to 2009 for criminal trespassing, possession of a controlled substance, evading arrest or detention, hindering apprehension or prosecution and felony theft of property, reports the Express-News. In 2019 and 2021 Moreno was also arrested by San Antonio police in Bexar County before the February 24 fatal dog mauling.

More charges may follow too. Najera’s wife apparently suffered grave injuries, which also falls under the Texas felony dog attack statute. A person does not need to die in order to pursue charges under the statute. Causing “serious bodily injury” is sufficient for a third-degree felony. The statue is defined as, “death and serious injuries inflicted by dog(s).” If death results, the offense becomes a second-degree felony. Both Schnieder and Moreno remain incarcerated.

An updated report from the Express-News states that animal control now believes that 13 complaints can be traced back to Moreno’s and Schnieder’s dogs since 2020. Regarding the two previous bites by the dogs, neither victim was informed by animal control of their right to file a Dangerous Dogs Affidavit, which forces the agency to start a dangerous dog investigation. Now a Texas state senator is drafting a bill to allow people to fill out these affidavits anonymously.

Other details include that a witness said the two pit bulls that killed Najera “tore a dialysis shunt out of the man’s body” as they attacked him. “It was horrific. It was just blood all over the place,” he told the Express-News. Pit bulls tearing out a “dialysis shunt” has occurred in at least two other fatal dog attacks: the deaths of Michael Parks in 2017 and Ronnel Brown in 2012. Also, Najera’s wife Janie has been released from the hospital and is recovering at a family member’s home.

horrific pit bull mauling san antonio

Before she was arrested, Abilene Schnieder admitted to owning the pit bulls that killed Ramon Najeras Jr. in a TV interview. She also stated in December that she is Snow’s “grandma.”

02/24/23: Multi-Victim Pit Bull Attack
San Antonio, TX – Horrific footage captured by KSAT Friday show firemen fending off multiple pit bulls in order to reach a dying victim. The violent attack occurred just before 2:00 pm in the 2800 block of Depla Street. When the San Antonio Fire Department arrived, they saw an 81-year old man being dragged down the sidewalk by one of the pit bulls involved in the multi-victim attack. His wife was also attacked by the dogs and remains in critical condition at University Hospital.

“Firefighters were very heroic in this instance. They were fighting off these pit bulls with pick axes and pipe poles to try to get to the patients.”

“This is not something normal for us. We usually don’t show up and have to defend patients from animals or ourselves,” SAFD Chief Charles Hood said. One of the firefighters was bitten in the leg, but is okay. A third victim was bitten while trying to help the elderly couple that was being attacked. All three pedestrian victims were transported to University Hospital. “Horrific scene, horrific for the people who experienced it and horrific for our firefighters that were part of this,” Hood said.

The two pit bulls involved in the attack and a third pit bull belonging to the same household that was also unrestrained were confiscated by San Antonio Animal Care Services. Director Shannon Sims said the three dogs -- two females and one male -- were involved in “another” attack two years ago and previously impounded. “We could not move forward with a dangerous dog designation” at that time because an affidavit was not filed by a victim and witness, Sims said.

There were also multiple calls in the past two years about the dogs being estray and neglected, Sims said. Media reports state that Sims described the 2021 attack as a “mild bite.” A commenter on the KSAT 12 Facebook post states there was another attack. “These are the pit bulls that just attacked my Dad in January. Pulled chunks from his arms and legs and left him out of work for weeks. They were ‘investigated’ and left there knowing they had just attacked a human.”

horrific pit bull mauling san antonio

Footage captures horrific pit bull mauling in San Antonio that occurred on Friday. The two dogs involved, Snow and King, had recently been sterilized and had a history of biting people.

Owner Faces Multiple Felonies

Late Friday, the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) announced that the owner of the dog was arrested under the Texas felony dog attack statute. Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, faces one count of felony attack by dangerous dog causing death and one count of felony injury to an elderly person (the charges will likely increase). SAPD clarified that the 81-year old male and 74-year old female were a married couple who had just exited their vehicle when the dogs viciously attacked.

Arrested - San Antonio Police Department

On February 24, 2023 a couple, an 81 year old man and a 74 year old woman, went to the 2800 block of Depla Street to visit some friends. When they arrived and exited their vehicle, two American Staffordshire Terriers escaped their yard, which was next to the location the couple was visiting. The two dogs attacked the couple, causing visible dog bite injuries to both victims. Witnesses saw the attack and called police and EMS. San Antonio Fire Department EMS arrived to the location and saw the dogs still actively attacking the couple and attempted to intervene. During their efforts one of the EMS Captains was bit in his leg by one of the dogs. The male and female victims and the EMS Captain were all transported to a local hospital for their injuries. Despite efforts by SAFD EMS to save the male victim, he died as a result of the dog attacks. SAPD and City of San Antonio Animal Care Services arrived and began investigating the attack.

The suspect, 31 year old Christian Alexander Moreno, was later arrested by the SAPD Covert Unit and is facing a felony charge of Attack by Dangerous Dog Causes Death and a felony charge of Injury to an Elderly.

WOAI identified the man who died as 81-year-old Ramon Najeras. His wife remains hospitalized. The couple had driven to the area to visit a relative’s home. As soon as they stepped out of their vehicle, the dogs attacked. When firefighters arrived, the attack was still happening. "As they rounded the corner, they could see a gentleman being dragged by a dog," Fire Chief Charles Hood said. "They could see him completely bloodied before they got off of the fire truck.”

WOIA also confirmed the “January 2023” bite case, presumably related to the victim’s daughter, who stated in a comment Friday: “These are the pit bulls that just attacked my Dad in January. Pulled chunks from his arms and legs and left him out of work for weeks.” Thus far, there are two confirmed previous bites by the pair of pit bulls that killed Najeras and critically injured his wife. The city of San Antonio continues to review related 911 and 311 call history from this area.

San Antonio Animal Care Services and San Antonio Police released a statement Friday, based on the preliminary investigation, which clarified the number of victims and previous calls for service in the area. Four people were attacked Friday: The elderly couple, one of the couple’s relatives, and the SAFD captain. All four were transported to University Hospital, where Najeras died. The SA CORE team was also deployed to provide counseling and support to neighborhood residents.

On November 6, 2022, The San Antonio Police Department responded to a dog related call relating to this property. An officer responded on the scene and spoke to the owner of the dogs. The officer told the owner that the dogs must be kept in the yard.

At least two of the dogs have been involved in a pair of confirmed bite cases in the past including one in January of this year and another in September of 2021. The injuries were moderate or mild and the dogs successfully completed the State required quarantine before their owners reclaimed them. Individuals involved declined to file a dangerous dog designation. A dangerous dog designation requires owners to keep the dogs in a secure enclosure, purchase a $100,000 liability insurance policy, special warning signage, be muzzled when outside, be spay/neutered and be subject to annual inspections.

Multiple charges are pending in connection to today’s incident and Animal Care Services is working with SAPD on the investigation.
The City of San Antonio is reviewing any related 911 and 311 call history associated with this area.

Full Statement: Animal Care Services and Police Department investigating dog attack

horrific pit bull mauling san antonio

Christian Moreno, 31, faces multiple felonies after the horrific pit bull mauling in San Antonio.

The Dogs Were Sterilized

Two days after the vicious multi-victim attack that left one man dead, the wife of the dogs’ owner -- her husband Christian Moreno continues to sit in jail, facing two felony counts in connection to the mauling death of 81-year old Ramon Najeras -- claims she was “traumatized” by the attack and feels remorse. Abilene Moreno also tried to blame the violent behavior of the dogs that she co-owned with Christian as due to recent spay/neuter operations at the request of animal control.

Abilene doesn’t understand that she can also be charged. She’s a co-owner of these dogs that had two bites before the fatal attack on Friday.

The most recent of the two previous biting incidents occurred in January 2023. After that incident, San Antonio Animal Services required the couple to spay and neuter their dogs and keep them in a body harness and tethered in the yard. Abilene claimed the “dogs snapped, they snapped on all of us” after being sterilized. She stated that in the days leading up to the fatal attack, the family had talked about “giving [the dogs] back to ACS.” The dogs are just “too much for us,” she said.

The dogs were neither in body harnesses or tethered in the yard at the time of the fatal attack. Despite two previous bites, Abilene said her dogs “were not aggressive dogs. They weren’t mean,” she told KABB. “We did not raise them to be mean. My husband isn’t this monster that everyone is making him out to be.” Notably, Christian was released from prison for an unrelated offense on February 2. Just weeks before the multi-victim attack that resulted in the death of Najeras.

“We never knew that neutering them would do this to them,” Abilene said, referring to the dogs’ violent behavior, in the extended KAAB interview.

“We only spayed them because ACS told us … I had asked the lady at the desk, ‘What more do I have to do to prevent my dogs from getting out and hurting somebody?’” Abilene said they told her: ‘Spay them, get them neutered. Buy them body harnesses. Make sure your gates stay secured. Make sure there’s no holes in the gate, where they can get out from. And, that was basically it,” she said. But sterilization does not remove “learned” or breed-specific behaviors.

Neutering bully breeds -- between the optimal age of 6-9 months old -- can “reduce the risk of a male dog escaping if it smells that a female is in heat somewhere. Spaying reduces the risk that a female of this class of dogs will attract other dogs when she goes into heat, which she may then attack. Spay/neuter is also crucial to reducing the numbers of these dogs that are being put down in shelters because they are too dangerous or because nobody wants them.” - Alexandra Semyonova

horrific pit bull mauling san antonio

The female attacker, Snow, had a litter of 9 pit bull puppies in December 2022. The progeny of these fatal attackers will be recycled back into the San Antonio, Bexar County community.

horrific pit bull mauling san antonio

Recent San Antonio 311 service requests include 9 calls near the dog owner's home on Depla Street for animal control violations between April 5, 2020 and February 22, 2023. The multi-victim horrific pit bull mauling that occurred on February 24, 2023  has not yet been logged.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 58, Mauled and Killed by Her Daughter's Family Pit Bull in Toledo, Ohio

On Monday evening, a woman was mutilated and killed by a family pit bull in Toledo, Ohio.

Pit Bull Kills Woman
Toledo, OH - On Monday, a woman died after being attacked by a family pit bull. The attack occurred at a home in the 800 block of Wright Avenue, just before 6:00 pm. Toledo police and fire crews found 58-year old Bonnie Varnes severely mutilated and unconscious in the backyard of her home. Varnes was transported to the University of Toledo Medical Center, where she later died. A Toledo police detective at the scene told WTOL News the dog appeared to belong to the victim.

Dr. Diane Scala-Barnett, the Lucas County coroner, confirmed that a woman had been killed by a pit bull but did not have additional details, reports the Toledo Blade. Online records show that Varnes and her daughter both lived at the home. Social media pages showed that each owned a female brown and white pit bull. Varnes owned “Peaches” and her daughter, Amelia, owned a similar appearing pit bull, “Amenia.” Initially it was unclear which pit bull mauled and killed Varnes.

An update from The Blade states the attacking dog was registered to the victim’s daughter, who also lives at the home, police spokesman Officer Andrew Dlugosielski confirmed. Thus, Amenia appears to be the fatal attacker. Amelia Varnes, 30-years old, declined to comment to reporters. The circumstances of the attack remain unclear, police said. The whereabouts of Peaches during the attack are also unclear. Social media posts indicate that Peaches is at least 10 years old.

Attack Captured on Video

A report from McClatchy National states the deadly attack was captured on video and confirms that Amenia was the attacker. Video footage obtained by the Toledo Police Department showed Varnes taking Amenia outside the back door on a leash. As she did, the dog pulled her down and began to attack. A neighbor spotted her body in the yard as the dog ran around her, states a police incident report. The neighbor called Amelia first then called 911 and went over to Varnes’ home.

Arriving officers found Varnes lying face down in her backyard. Officers spoke to Amelia, who said that she returned home after receiving a call from her neighbor. When she arrived, she found her mother covered in blood in their yard. She told police her dog, Amenia, was also covered in blood, according to the report. She locked Amenia in the garage. She put her other pit bull, “Poochie,” in a bedroom. The daughter described Amenia as being vicious “at times,” states the news article.

The last time Amelia saw her mother alive was around 8:30 am on the day of the fatal attack, according to police. Varnes had worked for Washington Local Schools as a bus driver for over three decades. In a statement to WTVG, the company said, “Bonnie worked for WLS for over 30 years and was a deeply loved, valued member of our transportation team. We are devastated by this loss.” The animal is currently in the custody of Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

Toledo Pit Bull Fatalities

During the 2021 pandemic, two adults were killed by pit bulls in Toledo less than a month apart. Emily Kahl, 31, was killed by her roommate’s pit bull on July 18 after the dog clamped onto her neck. Her roommate claimed the dog was only “trying to save her.” On August 12, Javon Stokes, 26, was fatally bitten in the neck by a pit bull while visiting the dog owner’s home on Potter Street. The co-owner of that pit bull also claimed the dog was “trying to help Stokes and wake him up.”

Woman killed by family pit bull toledo

Left: The suspected attacker, Amenia, -- AKA "Amina," and/or "Mama's Mimi" and/or “Bug.”

Woman killed by family pit bull toledo

Bonnie Varnes had posted a number of Facebook posts and memes advocating for pit bulls.

Woman killed by family pit bull toledo

On December 27, 2022 the victim reposted a "pit bull nativity" scene from "Staffy Six Pack."

map iconView the DogsBite.org Google Map: Ohio Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

Elderly Man Shares Account and Aftermath of Having His Lip Ripped off in a Vicious Pit Bull Attack on April 15th, 2018 in the ‘Little City’ neighborhood in Bangor, Maine

By Otto Snow

pit bull attack bangor maine
Otto Snow, a life-long chemist and activist, shares account of vicious pit bull attack.

I am Otto Snow. On April 15th of 2018, I was the victim of an unprovoked attack by a pit bull and my lip was bitten off my face. I was walking with my friend John to get a pizza at Tri-City pizza. We were walking on Earle Avenue in the Little City neighborhood of Bangor, Maine.

We had entered Earle Avenue from Warwick Street and were walking towards Tri-City pizza. We could see an unleashed dog up ahead coming out of a driveway and running in the street. We continued walking and when we reached the driveway the dog was running across the yard and running around a man at the top of the driveway. We made some small talk and continued walking as the man was preoccupied with the very excited unleashed dog.

John and I kept walking. John stopped walking and turned. I stopped and turned. Wham! A dog lunged from behind me and tore off my lip. Blood gushing out of my face. For an instant, I thought there was a man standing behind the dog, but then he would have pulled on the leash, it doesn’t make sense. I rescued dogs, my father rescued dogs, and Dr. Young, my buddy who I came and stayed with when I arrived in Bangor, rescued dogs. I am not a newbie to handling dogs. Dr. Young mentioned that the dog was excited and was lunging for my throat.

I staggered off the street and fell onto the lawn, covering my face from further attack. I am screaming. I did not know how serious the injury was but needed to stop the bleeding as it was profuse. The man who owned the dog said, “Dog never did that before.”

Blood continued to gush from my face and all over me. I pressed on my face to stop the bleeding. A piece of my lip was hanging from my face. Another piece of my lip was missing. I was told at the hospital that the dog probably ate it.

I got up and screamed at him as he was doing nothing. “Wet cloth, crushed ice Now!” He said, “My sister is a nurse.” He ran into the house and a woman came out. She ran back into the house and came out with a wet face cloth with crushed ice. Blood continued to gush from my face and all over me. I pressed on my face to stop the bleeding. A piece of my lip was hanging from my face. Another piece of my lip was missing. I was told at the hospital that the dog probably ate it.

On the way to the hospital, my friend said, “We are taking you to St. Joseph’s Hospital.” I flashed back to a trauma in 1983 and asked my friend, “Do you have a gun?” He kept telling me that we are in Bangor, we are in Bangor. I came back. I am disoriented and in shock. I have never flashed so severe as what I did then. It was as though I was back in 1983, ready to get my mother out of a hospital in Nashua, New Hampshire because I feared for her life.

Q: Did you witness the attack?
A: Yes.
Q: And tell us how -- what that was like, what you saw.
A: Well, it was just kind of shocking, traumatic, because I mean, it literally -- the dog jumped, like, six feet and, like, right on his face.
A: When you say six feet, do you mean six feet vertically in the air or horizontally?
A: It was about three feet, four feet -- I mean, no, no, it was higher than that. So I'm going to say -- it jumped up, like, five feet, so I don't know -- four -- it was on its lawn and jumped into the road.
Q: Okay. And was there any warning or barking before it jumped?
A: No. - John Huhn
Watch the deposition of witness John Huhn, who was walking with Otto to get a pizza.

The Surgery Procedures

The team at St. Joseph’s in Bangor was very calm as they worked on me. They cleaned me of all the blood that covered my face and told me that they were calling in one of the best surgeons in the area. I asked about the damage the dog bite had done to my face. I was told that the damage the dog had done was severe, very severe and a large part of my mouth had been torn from my face. They gave me a mirror and my lip was gone.

Dr. Campbell, a leading reconstruction surgeon in the area, was called in and it was arranged that he would arrive at EMMC asap. The team at EMMC was fantastic. I told them that I had experienced serious traumas in my life including one in a medical environment in 1983. They understood. Dr. Campbell explained every step of what he was doing as he stitched the layers of my mouth back together. The dog bite had torn my lip, flesh, nerves of my mouth, and the obturator oris muscle from my mouth. It is the muscle that allows us to pucker, speak, eat, and kiss. Multiple layers had to be pulled together and reattached as this part of my mouth was gone.

“DATE OF PROCEDURE: 04/15/2018
PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Dog bite to right upper lip.
POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Dog bite to right upper lip.
PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Complex repair of 4 x 2 cm dog bite to right upper lip with full-thickness through skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and mucosa with violation of the vermilion border. Total length of repair was 5 cm,” - Hector O. Campbell, MD

Doctor Hector O. Campbell would write: “The dog was unprovoked. The immunization status of the dog is not known. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital, where his tetanus was updated and he received a dose of IV antibiotics of Unasyn. The patient was transferred to Eastern Maine Medical Center for plastic surgery reconstruction due to the complexity of the dog bite to his right upper lip.”

The doctors were concerned about infection as dogs can cause serious infections and also rabies. I was placed on two 875 mg tablets a day of Augmentin for 10 days. I was concerned about tinnitus, neurogenic bladder and colitis associated with taking high dosages of antibiotics. Dr. Campbell understood my concerns and told me to take a probiotic along with every dose of the antibiotic to prevent diarrhea.

I would have to redress the wound area with gauze and bandages for a month, being careful to keep it clean. My mouth swelled up and around my eyes were darkened following the attack. The owner of the dog did not have anything concerning the dog’s rabies vaccination. The hospital would call me and say that they would have to begin giving me injections to prevent rabies if the dog officer could not provide proof of the rabies vaccination. The dog officer was on this. It was several days of panic waiting to get any co-operation with the owner of the dog.

I was out of my mind, face torn off, and new to the area. One neighbor in the neighborhood brought flowers.

Aftermath: Trying to Get Help - Complex PTSD

The previous traumas in my life began replaying endlessly after the dog attack. I could not get them out of my head. The insomnia was severe. I was losing my mind, suicidal. Once, after I had a phone call with medical personnel discussing these issues, the police showed up and blocked off the streets in the neighborhood with cruisers. I explained to the officer about the dog attack and how I was being denied medications to calm my anxiety, nonstop panic attacks, and help with my sleep. I was breaking down from the isolation, anxiety, panic, insomnia, and constant memories of past traumas following the attack.

The officers took me to the ER for a low dose long-acting benzodiazepine tranquilizer that I could tolerate and two people held me to stop the shaking. I would later find out that not giving tranquilizers to patients made more money for the hospital with more emergency room visits. Patients who legitimately needed pain killers were also being denied resulting in more emergency room visits. Patients who complained of this were listed as “drug seeking” and pulled into the “drug rehabilitation” programs, which is another economy for medical in the area. Stockholders and management all profiting from this form of abuse, under a guise of “helping” the patient. Some people need medications and that is why they are available and should not be politicized.

My projects and ventures, publishing, nutritional supplements, anti-tumor agents that are FDA approved, group activities to help those with PTSD and isolation stopped. Everything that I wanted to get going, all coming to a screaming halt.

My nightmares were continuous for two years straight after the dog ruined my mouth. I was being denied medications and testing. I would have to put a pillow between my legs and put two belts to strap the pillow in. I was going into fetal position at night like I had done following a previous trauma in 1985. My muscles would tighten. Decades of therapy to get my PTSD manageable all coming apart.

Every time that I move my mouth, it pulls across my face. My face is off-center and crooked. When eating there is little to no strength on that part of my mouth. That part of my mouth feels thick, and I have had to scrape skin that grows along the area that has been stitched together. I cannot shave as it bleeds and have grown a long beard to cover my lopsided mouth and face. I also have developed a lisp. My projects and ventures, publishing, nutritional supplements, anti-tumor agents that are FDA approved, group activities to help those with PTSD and isolation stopped. Everything that I wanted to get going, all coming to a screaming halt.

Finding Qualified Experts

It is very important to find qualified competent healthcare immediately following an attack or trauma. Practitioners can do more harm than good if they are unqualified or abusive.

After the dog attack, I would have to travel two hours to find a competent practitioner who was very familiar with the medications that I could tolerate, PTSD as well as autism. I would connect with a leading expert in PTSD in another state. A coach would work with me. I would connect with another expert on PTSD. The diagnosis was Complex PTSD depression and autism.

“The available information is consistent with autism spectrum disorder, a depressive disorder and severe and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.” - Elliott B. Rosenbaum, Psy.D. 6/28/2022

Complex PTSD has all the basic symptoms of PTSD but with more symptoms and criteria. The difference between PTSD vs C-PTSD is that C-PTSD is caused from repeated traumas or continuous long-term traumas. Complex PTSD is much more volatile. It generally involves patient centralized therapies, not the take a pill, “drive-thru” mental “healthcare.”

Complex PTSD is from the International Classification of Diseases. DSM follows the ICD. Internationally Complex-PTSD is recognized as separate from that of PTSD. Victims of sex trafficking, child abuse, torture etc., are liable to get complex PTSD. Many psychological and physical diseases are directly related to complex PTSD, especially from traumas in childhood. It is also mentioned in the literature that creativity is therapeutic and many great artists have histories of trauma.

The traumas attacked my muscles, now a constant tremor. At night the horrors of my traumas came out, every night, night after night, and I would write about them along with the never-ending stress and insomnia.

Feeling wounded and defective to be around people, with an aversion to medical environments, I grew my beard to cover my deformed face. A few of the practitioners and law enforcement were straight forward with me. There are no services here in Maine. There are no resources. Everyone was seeing it and nothing is being done.

I would see Dr. Campbell again. I thanked him for what he did for me. My mouth is deformed from the attack. I was upset, my world shattered. Dr. Campbell said, “I am sorry Otto. There is nothing that can be done to return the part of your mouth that the dog bit from your face.”

The difference between PTSD vs C-PTSD is that C-PTSD is caused from repeated traumas or continuous long-term traumas. Complex PTSD is much more volatile. It generally involves patient centralized therapies, not the take a pill, “drive-thru” mental “healthcare.”

I would take losses of several hundred thousand and future losses that we are calculating now. I would lose my house and be forced to relocate where I am able to get competent healthcare, friends who will facilitate me to connect with good people, and protective services for those who are elderly and are disabled, resources that are not available in Maine.

I have a couple of dear friends that are with me most of the time now. They get me talking about pleasant times as a child in Maine to bring me back. I am just now removing my mask for short periods. I go for walks with them in another part of the city where tenants and landlords are responsible. It is going to be a long slow recovery, and in my 60’s, it will have a very serious impact on my social security earnings. I am unable to write, work on books and the laboratory equipment has been dismantled and shipped out. I may never recover from this attack and what followed.

Otto Snow is an author of drug chemistry books used by law enforcement agencies and the courts. He has donated time providing scientific/medical documentation to veterans fighting for the right to cannabinoids in the treatment of PTSD. Otto was raised in both defense/pharmaceutical community of Southern NH and also in Maine with his grandparents on Wyman Lake in Somerset County.

Andrew Davis, the owner of the pit bull that attacked Otto Snow

Andrew Davis, the owner of the vicious pit bull, and Earle Avenue approaching Tri-City Pizza.

elderly man shares account of having his lip ripped off in a vicious pit bull

Otto Snow seen peaceful and happy prior to the vicious pit bull attack that ripped off his lip.

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2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pack of Dogs in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Both Dog Owners Face Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

Stanley Hartt, 64, was killed by a pack of dogs while walking in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Owner Speaks Out
UPDATE 02/15/23: A dog owner charged with two felony offenses after his dogs escaped their property and killed a man claims his mother is to blame. 64-year old Stanley Hartt was discovered dead on February 1 after being mauled by a pack of dogs belonging to Kristopher Morris and his mother, Mary Montoya. Both were charged with involuntary manslaughter and felony possession of a dangerous dog. Officers shot and killed one of Morris’ dogs named “Zena” at the scene.

Morris got Zena in 2020 then gave her to his mother who had a backyard until he found a home that allowed large dogs. On Morris’ social media pages, a male dog named “Blu” is also seen. That dog, a Labrador-pit bull cross, also appears on his mother’s Facebook page, and seemingly on the lapel video from police, who confiscated the dog that night at Montoya’s home. Blu has similar markings on his right lower leg. Blu had escaped Montoya’s home on December 20.

Dramatic Lapel Camera Video

KOB obtained lapel camera footage from officers who responded to the attack. In the video, police tell a woman that “a pack of dogs” killed the man. She replies, “Do you really think it was dogs that did this? It looks like he got run over or something.” After police shot Zena, which had blood its snout, they spotted another dog. That search led them to Montoya’s home, who initially told officers she only had a puppy. Then officers saw a blue dog inside of a crate with blood on its face.

“That’s the dog we were chasing,” the officers states (which can be heard growling in the background). Montoya feigns, “Are you serious?” But, “She’s only a puppy.” The caged dog has similar right paw markings as Blu, but in January 2022, Zena had a litter of puppies, several of which were blue. So, at the very least Blu sired that litter. By viewing Montoya’s Facebook Timeline, it becomes clear that Blu died two or three days after escaping on December 20.

According to Montoya, Blu “got hit by a car and broke his back.” When asked if his back could be fixed, Montoya said, “No it was very bad.”

As stated in the arrest affidavit, the female blue Labrador-pit bull cross named “Lady” is likely the caged dog seen in the lapel video. Lady was very likely an offspring of Blu. The female dog shot at the scene, “Zena,” is a red boxer, pit bull and Labrador” mix. The tan German shepherd-mix involved in the attack, “Tank,” did not appear in any social media posts of Monotoya or Morris, nor did two smaller dogs confiscated by police from Montoya’s home, named “Oreo” and “Spike.”

Despite all of the “Labrador“ mix language in the arrest affidavit and by Montoya, she primarily posted pit bull advocacy memes after Blu died just before Christmas, such as a “Pit Bull Prayer,” and “We’re Lovers not Fighters” and “I am a pit bull, I am a best friend, I am a family member … I am misunderstood.” Finally, it seems incredulous that Morris would blame his mother for the dogs habitually escaping since she told police, "she takes care of [his dogs] because he does not."

Pack of dogs Tucumcari killed man

Zena seen on the dog owner's TikTok page prior to the fatal pack attack in Tucumcari.

Pack of dogs Tucumcari killed man

Lady (left) the likely offspring of Blu (right) seen on the lapel footage after fatal pack attack.

02/08/23: Dog Owners Face Felonies
On Wednesday, authorities arrested and charged a mother and son in connection to the mauling death of Stanley Hartt. Mary Montoya, 50, and Kristopher Morris, 27, each face one count of felony involuntary manslaughter and felony possession of a dangerous dog. Hartt was discovered dead on February 1 at an intersection in Tucumcari. Investigators said his body had “numerous bite marks” and large portions of his legs appeared “to have been eaten away by animals.”

According to the arrest affidavits, investigators found the dog pack shortly after the fatal attack; one of the dogs had blood on its snout. A deputy shot and killed that dog, described as a boxer-lab-pit bull mix “to prevent further harm to the public.” Deputies shot a second dog too, but that dog fled down an alley on West High Street. Deputies followed that dog, which also had blood on its face, to Montoya’s home in the 400 block of West High Street, where she let the dog inside.

State police said Montoya told investigators that multiple dogs lived with them, including dogs named Lady, Oreo and Spike. Montoya said the dogs “belonged to her son, but she takes care of them because he does not.” The dog that was shot and killed by the Quay County deputy, “Zina,” often jumped the fence in the backyard and had bitten at least two people previously, according to the affidavit. Montoya said the dogs would habitually leave the house and “return hours later.”

Morris also admitted to investigators that his dogs had a history of escaping the property and attacking residents, but “claimed the dogs were not aggressive.” Morris even showed police where in the broken fence the dogs would escape. Police characterized the fence as being in “severe disrepair.” Both the mother and son were charged because both were aware the dogs were dangerous, allowed them roam freely, and did nothing to prevent the dogs from escaping.

Tucumcari man killed by pack of dogs

Mary Olimpia Montoya and Kristopher Jaquaris Morris were charged with multiple felonies.

02/03/23: Man Killed by Dog Pack
Tucumcari, NM - On Thursday, the New Mexico State Police Investigations Bureau announced that a man in Tucumcari had been killed by a pack of five dogs. The Quay County Sheriff’s Office requested that the agency investigate the death of 64-year old Stanley Hartt. The deadly attack occurred on February 1 at about 8:00 pm while Hartt was walking on 11th Street near Gamble, states the release. Hartt was pronounced dead at the scene by the Office of Medical Investigator.

One of the five dogs was “euthanized by a Quay County Sheriff’s deputy” following the attack, states the release. The remaining dogs have been located and turned over to Quay County Animal Control, states the release. All five dogs were initially described as mixed-breeds. In an advisory update, while authorities still searched for the dogs, the Quay County Sheriff’s Office described one of the dogs as a “tan German Shepherd mix.” The last dog was found by 11:00 am Thursday.

The Quay County Sun spoke to Tucumcari City Manager Paula Chacon, who said that a full-time animal control officer for Tucumcari would likely begin work this week -- police had been handling animal complaints during the absence of this. Both Undersheriff Russell Shafer and Tucumcari Mayor Ralph Moya said that a fatal dog attack was unprecedented in the city and county, which is about 175 miles east of Albuquerque. “I’ve never heard of a dog attack like this,” Shafer said.

The Sun also noted that Hartt had recently written a guest column for the publication. In a piece titled, “Best days still coming for Tucumcari,” published in November 2022, Harrt wrote that he had settled in Tucumcari in early 2021. He liked the “haunting quality of this place.” He was thankful “about all the things Tucumcari is missing,” such as floods, tornadoes or wildfires, as well as “excessive crime, mass shootings and political crazies.” There was no mention of loose dogs.

Tucumcari man killed by pack of dogs

Quay County authorities identified one of the suspected dogs as a tan German shepherd-mix.

Tucumcari man killed by dogs

Tucumcari residents set up a memorial where Stanley Hartt was killed by a pack of dogs.

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