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9 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Husky Blamed for Deadly Dog Bite to Homeless Man in Fresno County, California

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  1. It got up to 109°F in Fresno today. Huskies don’t belong in a southern climate – but dog ownership is frequently done in a completely stupid way. I hope they will try to find, with certainty, the dog that did this.

    It seems to me it ought to be technically possible to save a patient with a limb injury. I’m not sure whether Fresno paramedics are able to administer blood transfusions. I have heard that bleeding injuries can be the one case where it may make sense to drive the patient to the hospital rather than waiting for the ambulance to arrive. This case seems to have multiple layers of tragedy. My condolences to the surviving friends and family.

  2. Another tragedy. The man certainly should have been able to identify a husky. If the injury had been caught earlier, he should have survived.

    This type of attack is not what pitbulls do. Pitbulls would more likely go for the neck.

    I hope the police are able to find and identify the
    killer dog.

    • Pits have mangled arms before so it wouldn’t have been totally unusual.

      Eyewitnesses often give incorrect testimony, particularly when they have been injured.
      Detective Joe Kenda describes a case in his book where a shooting victim in a 7-11 described the shooter as white when he turned out to be black.

      If a victim can get that wrong it would not be impossible to mistake a pit for a husky in the dark while you are bleeding to death.

      Frankly I would like to know where the dogs in the Google street view were that night, if they even still live at that house.

      The could obviously clear that fence.

  3. A woman commented on CBS47 Fresno Facebook page: “IVE BEEN REPORTING A PACK OF 15+ DOGS HUSKY AND SHEPHERD MIXES FOR MONTHS IN THE EXACT LOCATION AND NOTHING IS DONE!!!” The woman included a picture of said dogs. Animal control apparently didn’t round up the pack of dogs. Poor man. 😞

  4. Poor man it bad enough he doesn’t have a home he could lived comfortably in.but he died a painful death he be alive if they did something about the pack of dogs I wonder if they’re loose dogs or a dog breeder that breeds to much he can’t control the dogs do he just dumped them in the street.

  5. Legitimate, honest breeders do not turn their dogs loose on the streets. Backyard
    breeders who don’t care about their dogs might let them roam.

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