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12 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Two Pit Bulls Kill Woman in Bolivar; Police Issue Advisory for Dangerous Dogs at Large

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  1. Officer doing the shooting clearly needs more training on how to hit a target or the public at large wouldn’t be in danger right now.

    • Police departments should have silhouettes of Bloodsport gladiator anti-dogs in various modeling positions, so they can practice.

      Before Bloodsport anti-dogs were being
      promoted as pets, police did not need to know how to shoot dogs because a swift kick would stop almost all dog attacks.

      If you read the ATTS description part 4 and the results, warning shots don’t stop 86% of the bloodsport anti-dogs, so police need to shoot to kill.

  2. May Theresa Rest In Peace her death was easily preventable if America was strict on the pitbull bans American wouldn’t died by those vicious pitbull.That why pitbull death is mainly in USA if they ban pitbull they wouldn’t have to put out a advisory for dangerous pitbull.

  3. Maybe the sweet wigglebutts are safe at home and their owner has hosed the blood off. It has gotten to the point where we need to collect dog saliva for forensic ID of individual animals. Then again why bother, when killing your neighbor via your dog isn’t a crime anyway.

  4. How do authorities
    know that they have the right dog? What kind of proof do they have? Did the dogs run home? Do they have an owner?

  5. Again, older woman walking down the street, minding her own business is turned into dog chow by dogs that humans bred to kill other dogs and hunt humans.

    I know how often we talk about pitbulls here but pitbulls are not a dog problem, they’re a human problem. It’s humans who refuse to clean up the mess of our fellow humans that profit from breeding an animal whose sole purpose is killing other dogs and running down humans (at one point).

    The dogs can’t solve this problem. They aren’t creating themselves or keeping their own breeding lines, going. No right-minded dog wants to be bred for the purpose of killing its own kind and living a life of misery.

    Humans did this. Humans can fix this. Until pitbulls are made outright illegal to own, it won’t stop. Dogfighters may find other lines but their profits will take a huge hit while they do that–and that industry may never fully recover.

  6. If we as a society are determined to allow people to keep loaded weapons on four legs as pets, then I guess we need a DNA registry to find out who is breeding the things – so that the person responsible can be charged with manslaughter when one of them kills. The simplest thing would be to make fighting and “naNnY” breeds illegal but if we won’t do that then investigative genetic genealogy would find who is responsible.

    I’m not hearing that they’re trying to find the responsible party in this case (I hope it’s happening and I just haven’t heard).

    Owning pitbulls is so irresponsible. Breeding pit bulls is so irresponsible. And they’re killing people and maiming people and destroying property – and the owners are not being held responsible. We need change. We need laws and enforcement. We are all unsafe because of these dogs and their owners! Ms. Theresa Rhodes should be alive today.

  7. They need to stop saying “dog” and start saying “pit bull.” We don’t have a problem of DOGS killing people like this, not normal companion breeds. Which pits and other bloodsport breeds are not and can never be because of their genetics.

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