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20 thoughts on “Ring Camera Video of Pit Bull Attacking Pomeranian in San Francisco Used in Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearing

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  1. As I read this, I found that none of these people knew how to get a pitbull off of a bite. The little dog was going to be killed, as a little dog is no match for a pitbull. However, hitting the pitbull was only going to make it bite harder.
    When trying to split a pitbull from a fight, any hitting the pitbull should be aimed to immobilize or kill the pitbull.
    Otherwise, a break stick should be always kept handy so a pitbull’s bite can be pried off safely.

    Recently, I found myself walking down a town street late at night due to a communications error. My GSD was safely at home, but the thought he could easily be killed by a pitbull was unsettling to me. In fact, I am an elderly woman who uses a walker to get around. That night I had no cellphone, ID, cash, keys or bank cards with me. I thought of how quickly one pitbull could get rid of me in a horribly painful way. Fortunately a police officer picked me up and took me to where I needed to be.

    While reading this, I also thought of how horrible an emotional support animal this pitbull would be. The owner is surely scared that another dog attack could cause an order to be issued to have this dog destroyed.

  2. They not going to do anything about the pitbull attack because people worship dog over people that’s the honest truth. I think people is still going to own pitbull if he or she want one she or he is going to find a loophole.

  3. We live in a world where killer dogs must be ‘rehabilitated’. And the owners of killer dogs are not responsible in any way for the actions of their killer dog ‘pets’. At the same time Metra (formerly known as Facebook) is being sued for billions (maybe trillions) of dollars by 43 out of 50 states because certain of the posts on Metra are ‘harming our children’.

    • There is a great deal of money to be made in the training industry as a ‘rehabilitation expert.’ Trainers feed this idea. Little chance this changes as more and more You Tube trainers feature dangerous dogs being ‘trained.’ If trainers of these dogs were included in lawsuits things might change but I doubt it. Milan popularized this rehab idea and its become a cascade down through the ranks.

      • Sue Myles:

        Amen to that.

        There are dogs that can be fixed but pitbulls are not one of them because this behaviour is due to breeding, not a result of poor handling skills.

        I watched a video where the dog was in “behavioral rehabilitation” for six weeks *every day* and the trainer still couldn’t get it within a full city block of another dog while claiming, on the video that the pitbull was “improving”.

        That’s not “behavioral rehabilitation”–it’s Grade A bu11shit.

        Can’t imagine what the idiot owner paid out for that–thousands upon thousands I expect. Meanwhile, they must have been living in terror of this maniac apex predator in their house while the neighbours quaked in fear every time it was out the door.

  4. Hearing examiner: Has she aggressed on any dog before this incident?

    “Never.” – Taija Liscinsky

    As if never aggressing towards another dog (assuming that is even true) indicates that it is not aggressive. It could have killed every kid in the neighborhood and still not be “dog aggressive”.

  5. Anyone want to take bets the owners of the mauler won’t follow the court order and it will harm someone or their dog again within a year?
    It should have been put down. This is exactly why ‘zero margin of error’ pits should not be pets.

    • I see someone with blue hair and I am thankful they parade around with this warning that they are to be avoided. The co-owner has a similar weird hairstyle and facial piercings that tell me the same thing. Avoid, avoid, avoid! And yes, these two are losers in life who will not be able to follow simple instructions.

      • Sotto voce: And here I thought I was the only one. It’s as if certain people are sending out avoidance signals to the rest of us.

        BTW, I feel the same way about dog walkers in my neighborhood. Rare are the times when they rein in the dogs so I can pass by. Or, heaven forbid, step off the sidewalk with the dog.

        Instead, it’s me who ends up having to cross the street to avoid them and their precious fur babies, many of which are straining at the leash, just itching to attack me.

  6. Great, comprehensive write-up on the attack and the hearing. Thanks for doing such a sterling job of bringing this incident to light and explaining it all to the public.

  7. Heartbreaking to watch that. Maddening to see the outcome. That pit with its clueless, irresponsible owners should’ve been put down, quickly. I hope (and this is terrible of me to say, but I’m so angered by these selfish ppl), that the next time this pit does what it was bred to do, it’s to one or both owners.

  8. To me, telling the owner of a dog that has just been killed not to contact the police likely indicates there are already multiple complaints on the dog.

    A friend’s neutered male GSD was destroyed for biting people even though the bites were minor. (If I had owned him, he would have bitten no one.). The police ordered euthanasia in the owner’s house when she was hospitalized a few days. The Town has a two bite law.

    Why is it that most pitbulls seem to get multiple chances to bite. When a pitbull is listed
    as a stray or goes through a shelter, its biting record is reset at zero.

  9. What idiots at Animal Control.

    You cannot control a pitbull with a front latching harness. Ever.

    Even rambunctious, jumping, overly friendly dogs can’t be controlled with one. Front harnesses are for lazy or new owners that cannot, or have not yet, taught their dog to “heel”.

    That dog is dangerous. Period. It didn’t bite the little pommy to get it away, or because the pommy threatened it–it went full-on pitbull and tore that dog to shreds. It was horrifying.

    I don’t care how “sorry” the owners, are. They made a bad choice of breed, a worse choice of support dog and now they are left with the consequences of their failure to choose responsibly.

    Right now the world is chock full to the brim of trauma, misery and bloodshed.

    Adding another layer with these dogs that should have been phased out of existence *decades ago* adding to that collective trauma is a level of immorality that cannot be justified by anyone for any reason.

  10. Why is that dog still alive? Someone should have quoted “an Eye for an Eye”. No one should have to protect their dog from that thing ever again. It should not be alive in that city or anywhere else.

  11. How could Chyna be an emotional support dog, when she had so many anxiety issues, etc.? The dog had problems in another jurisdiction, then she should have been euthanized. This particular dog doesn’t benefit society.

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