San Francisco Animal Control: Vicious and Dangerous Dogs Unleashed -- Second Installment in Documentary Series

San Francisco, CA - This is the second installment in a series of videos about the Department of Animal Care and Control in San Francisco by Mike Black of Black Summers Productions, LLC. This installment is 44 minutes long and focuses on SFACC’s failure to properly manage the risks posed by vicious and dangerous dogs in the city. It also combines parts of a March presentation by John Denny, a veteran hearing officer for the City's Vicious and Dangerous Dog hearings. The documen… [Read full blog post]

Same Dogs in North Dallas Involved in Four Separate Attacks; One Victim Shares Her Story

More Failures with Dallas Animal ServicesNancy Lewis was attacked by two dogs in North Dallas in September 2014. Victim Left in the Dark Dallas, TX - After 52-year old Antoinette Brown was killed by loose dogs in South Dallas earlier this month, Dallas Animal Services (DAS) and other city officials have come under fire for "communication gaps," a failure to identify patterns of behavior, a failed loose dog enforcement policy and more. Within this crisis, another Dallas dog… [Read full blog post]

Lafourche Officials 'Set Up' Second Attack; Rebuff State Representative

From left: State Rep. Rickey Hardy, Judge Jerome Barbera III and double-mauler "Shank."The Lafourche "Compromise" Larose, LA - On October 19, a pit bull owned by Jerome and Lillian Jarreau escaped its home and attacked a woman. Police said the attack was "brief but furious," after the dog ripped into 48-year old Tecla Smith's left arm. Smith's son Juan, who witnessed the attack, said he was surprised that the pit bull did not let go after being beaten on the head with a two-by-f… [Read full blog post]