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13 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Pet Pit Bull in Perquimans County, NC

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  1. "The people that raised this dog need to be held responsible, because they lied about the nature of this dog."

    He is one hundred percent right

    The family needs an attorney and they need to initiate the lawsuit now.

    These dogs are being listed in the classifieds (and available for "adoption" by individuals and "rescues" and "shelters") because they are vicious, and the owners or rescue people refuse to be responsible or want to make money, and they refuse to euthanize the dog as they should

    So they commit consumer fraud. And they get people and pets killed. It is rampant and out of control

  2. All of these cases need to be tracked back to the breeder

    Who is breeding the dogs that kill?

    The CDC should be tracking, because there's a public health issue here

  3. I've said it before; BREED research prevents Darwin attacks. She was the typical target audience for pit bull propaganda-young, female, white, gullible. It only takes about three minutes of internet research to figure out how dangerous pit bull type dogs are.

  4. Just yesterday during one of my classes, I heard the professor in the class next door playing that disgusting video where dog fearing people play with some pit puppies for a few minutes. The people were saying stuff like "Look at these little guys. I KNOW they'd never hurt anyone". I think it was horrible for the professor to play that highly biased pit pushing video, but that's not the main point.

    It makes me think of this situation. Why do people think that if a dog is sitting quietly for 5 seconds that it's totally safe? Yet then, if they hear something like this, stories of people taking in dogs said to be harmless that later kill them, it must be because the person did something wrong. I just don't get it. If I hear a story of an animal with the capability to kill, I don't care what anyone else says or about playing with puppies or anything else. I'm not going near one of any age with a 9 1/2 foot pole.

    This woman looked just like the kind of typical innocents who fall for pit pushing propaganda. Yet the information of how dangerous they are is perfectly available. I'm so sorry this had to happen to her and to her kids. Prayers for them.

    I agree with both of you joelande and Ka D. It's a combination of false advertising and lack of research that's getting people killed and it needs to stop.

  5. If the previous owners saw any signs of aggression before they gave this dog away, they sure as hell won't be admitting to it now.

    I want to know is how CAN the buyer beware, if 99% of the "pit bull information" floating around is total pit pusher BS?

  6. I went to school with the ex-husband (and father of her children) of this poor woman. Just DAYS before she was killed the ex was posting pro-pit bull videos. She is absolutely a victim of the propaganda.

  7. I completely believe the dog had not been a problem before.

    In this article the dog is stated to be 1 1/2 years old.

    Having assisted in a lot of dog training classes that is the typical age that pit bulls start to flex their genetics. There are the clueless owners coming to class with the dog that they "socialized and raised with love" is now dog or animal aggressive.

    I see no responsibility on the former owners part. Caveat emptor.

  8. I hope this lady's family has a good lawyer. And that, for once, the pit bull propagandists are named in the suit.

  9. This type of stuff really boils my blood. I don't know if you saw this, but the Daily Mail published some comments from Suzanne's "estranged" daughter. She defends pit bulls in the wake of her mother's brutal death: ( But that's not the part that boils my blood — she's a teenager after all and in shock (and clearly loves pit bulls). On her Facebook page an adult (Rachel Kubiak) is telling her the following garbage:

    "They don't understand and people fear what they don't understand. We will never know why it happened but it did I know Suzanne would not want to blame the breed for what happened. She had a big heart for everything. I will miss our talks and walks together I already feel the void of her not being there. I hope you can ignore the negativity of the people that don't know you or your family."

    Suzanne is DEAD. Kubiak has no idea if, "Suzanne would not want to blame the breed for what happened." The attack did not last a few seconds. It was an ongoing repeated assault — the definition of a pit bull mauling. Her sister was able to get the dog into the bathroom, then the pit bull broke through the bathroom door and CONTINUED attacking until the victim was dead. It is impossible to know what was going through the victim's head during the prolonged, horrific, violent assault. But I'm damn sure it was not, "I don't blame the breed!" (

  10. Reading bully dog books by Richard Stratton, Joseph Colby, carl Semencic and Douglas Link will tell you the same about age of maturity.

    Most recommend that you don't "start" your pit until he's 18-24 months of age. That's the point that you let him begin to fight.

    Best dog to train with is an older pit who's not too hard biting.

    The goal is to let him practice, not kill him. Let him get banged up a little, but stop the "roll", letting him "wanting more".

    "Good, game-insane" bully dogs will be struggling to continue even after the dogs are separated.

    Buddy simply became a good game-insane bully dog that day.

  11. So there is a breeder

    Another breeder enabled by pit bull advocacy and given free marketing

    They knew the birthdate so it came from a breeder. They knew it wasn't a boxer cross. They knew this was a violent dog.

    The media and law enforcement need to track this dog back to the breeder. The buyers of his other dogs need to know they are in great danger.

    Her parents need to sue on behalf of those motherless children.

    Until pit bull advocacy puts its focus on breeder regulation, they are just enablers and assistants to the breeders.

    The newspapers and classifieds are also enablers of this.

  12. I know I say the same thing every time I post here, but…what a way to die.

    It's like something out of a horror movie. The pit bull BROKE A HOLE in the door (we've all seen the photos of pits doing this in other attacks, and it chills my blood every time) to complete killing Story.

    OF COURSE the dog was problematic/aggressive and that's why the previous owners wanted to get rid of it for free, through the classified ads, instead of dropping it off at the pound–because they knew he'd FAIL a temperament test and be euthanized. Oh noes, we don't want pitty's blood on our hands, or to admit we made a mistake!

    No lawsuit will be forthcoming, however well-deserved. The previous owners are almost certainly damage-proof. Unless the victim's family has enough money to sue them purely in pursuit of a verdict, it's not going anywhere.

    What a shitshow. Awful.

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