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10 thoughts on “2012 Dog Bite Fatality: 10-Month Old Hertford Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull-Mix

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  1. The grandmother's boyfriend speaks on the video: "everybody should just love your kids…tell them you love them and always be cautious around dogs"…but he doesn't say if the Pit Bull Mix was owned by him ! How can you be cautions when the dog is licking the baby one minute and killing it in the next second?

  2. Another heartbreaking story.
    I am so sorry for this baby.

    What more can we say?

    The blog owners is certainly being kept busy more and more with these stories.

    When will people finally get it that you can't love genetics out of an animal? My husband, just moments ago, before I read this newest story,was trying to fathom if someone thought they could love out a bloodhounds instinct to trail and why they could not get that concept in regards to pit bulls.

    As I said with the update yesterday on the Las Cruces case-

    Criminal charges are whats called for, as this was no accident.

  3. "How can you be cautions when the dog is licking the baby one minute and killing it in the next second?"

    Exactly. unpredictability is the watchword.

    "Criminal charges are whats called for, as this was no accident."

    agree completely!

  4. An American bulldog isn't a pit bull — what a joke.

    Less funny is the pit-nutter joke on so many parents, about how pit bulls only lick babies to death.

    They'll likely be laughing secretly on their forums at how stupid these parents were not to understand the code language: that it's the death kiss of the pit bull their joke is referring to.

    This wasn't an accident, but then it never is when a pittype dog mauls, maims, dismembers and/or kills.

  5. The Carolinas tolerate Dog fighting and Pit Breeding…However, they normally, go after the Pit-perp with Manslaughter charges after the fact..

    May justice prevail here.

    Too bad they couldn't prevent these unfortunate instances.

  6. I get sick seeing photos of beautiful children that have been killed by these frightful animals. How can a pit bull lover ignore this? What is wrong with these people?

  7. @BanTheBull: Pit bull lovers ignore the carnage for one simple reason. And that reason is that they have no empathy whatsoever. None.

    Understand that, and you'll go a long way toward seeing why pit bull lovers react the way they do. Any injury or death that their chosen type of dog causes is the victim's fault.

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