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13 thoughts on “Recognized as Heroes by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission - Hero Stories

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  1. Great Work You Do !!! I am honored to be able to click on to this web site each day. There's nothing I had rather be doing at this time in my life than to read about these HEROS. This was what drew me to read all these stories to begin with – All the many brave, good people…they need their story told…their stories make us all stronger.

  2. What a great idea for this website! Great job, and thanks to all the heroes mentioned in these blog posts.

  3. 147 carnegies have been awarded to heroes interceding during animal attacks since 1904…26 of them have gone to Pit heroes. Here are the newly discovered Pit Carnegies:

    Hillsboro, Oregon
    Kathleen Imel helped to rescue Joshua Pia Perez from attacking dogs, Aloha, Oregon, July 27, 2004. Joshua, 7, was outside playing when two pit bulls approached, then began to chase him. The larger dog, a male weighing about 70 pounds, caught up to him and began to maul him in the street. Imel, 51, caregiver, was approaching in her vehicle at the time. She parked and, responding to Joshua, screamed at the dogs and kicked them. They retreated but then returned, the male dog inflicting a severe bite wound to Joshua’s ear and taking him to the pavement. Imel positioned herself between Joshua and the dogs, shielding him with her body. The male dog bit Imel on the arms and face, inflicting a severe wound in the area of an eyebrow. Others responded to remove Joshua from the scene and keep the dogs at bay. Police arrived and captured the dogs, which were quarantined and later euthanized. Joshua and Imel were taken to the hospital for treatment, including surgery, of their wounds.

    Ottawa, Ontario

    Randall K. L. McConnell helped to rescue Guy J. A. Clairoux from attacking dogs, Ottawa, Ontario, February 24, 2005. Clairoux, 39, was attacked by three dogs while rescuing his young son from them. Fighting off the dogs, which were part pit bull, he made his way toward the home of a neighbor, McConnell, 41, where the dogs took him to the ground just outside McConnell’s backyard and mauled him. Alerted to the attack, McConnell ran from his house to Clairoux. Screaming, he pulled at the dogs and punched and kicked them. The dogs turned on him, biting him on the foot and severely on his upper right arm. McConnell backed into his yard, two of the dogs following to resume attacking him there as well as a friend who had responded, while the third dog remained at Clairoux. The friend fought off one of the dogs with a hockey stick. The dogs' owner arrived shortly and removed them from the scene. Clairoux and his son and McConnell were taken to the hospital for treatment of their bite wounds, McConnell’s arm requiring sutures. They recovered.

    Surrey, British Columbia

    Glen Edward Nikkel helped to rescue Elizabeth J. Dupre and Danielle M. J. R. Ovenden from attacking dogs, Surrey, British Columbia, December 18, 1998. Ms. Dupre, 49, was attacked by two adult pit bull dogs outside her home shortly after the dogs had attacked Ms. Ovenden, 39, as she walked nearby along the street. Traveling in their pickup truck on the street, Nikkel, 43, general contractor, and his wife had stopped at the scene to tend Ms. Ovenden. When the dogs turned on Ms. Dupre, taking her to the ground and mauling her, Nikkel removed a heavy-duty extension cord from his truck and ran across the street to her. He struck the dogs with the cord, drawing them away from Ms. Dupre. The dogs returned to Ms. Ovenden and resumed their attack on her. Nikkel ran back to Ms. Ovenden and struck one of the dogs with the cord, the other having retreated. Other passersby used their vehicles to create a moving barrier to keep the dogs from Ms. Ovenden. A police officer arrived and shot one of the dogs, felling it. The other dog fled but was later captured and destroyed. Ms. Dupre and Ms. Ovenden both required hospital treatment for numerous and severe bite wounds, which required suturing.

  4. Cont…

    North Salem, New Hampshire

    Calvin D. Sawyer rescued Cristal M. Harmon from attacking dogs, Salem, New Hampshire, October 13, 1993. Cristal, 13, was walking home from school when she was attacked by two mixed-breed dogs. She shouted for help. Driving nearby, Sawyer, 67, retired refrigeration technician, heard her scream, then stopped his car, exited, and approached the dogs. He shouted at them, then grasped the leash attached to one of them and took that dog into the street as Cristal climbed onto the hood of Sawyer's car. Both dogs attacked Sawyer, keeping him to the pavement as they inflicted severe bite wounds. An off-duty police officer, who had just passed the scene before the attack on Cristal, responded; he distracted the dogs, one of which then bit him. The dogs fled after the officer fired his service revolver. Cristal required hospital treatment for lacerations and bite wounds over her body; she recovered. Sawyer was hospitalized overnight for treatment of his bite wounds, which required suturing. He recovered in about two months.


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    USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext) – Oct 15, 1993

    NEW HAMPSHIRE SALEM – Calvin Sawyer, 67 was in stable condition with bites and cuts after … 13, from an attack by two part-Rottweiler, part-pit bull dogs. …

  5. What is it going to take to get rid of this breed. What can I do….how can I help?

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