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7 thoughts on “Total Chaos: Husband Recounts Violent Pit Bull Attack Inside Patrolled, Gated Community

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  1. This story is sadly familiar. No, we don't get our lives back and yes, the loss of our peace of mind is huge. So sorry Skip. Hope you have a lawyer, your losses are very real and should be compensated. Having said this, it takes a long time. It took almost three years for us but the settlement did bring some closure. Good luck!

  2. This Darnell guy really illustrates the attitude of many pit owners: When looking at a man who is out of breath and bloody from a confrontation with his pits, Darnell says, with a straight face, "Don't worry, they don't bite." I am always amazed at their ability to deny their dogs' aggressiveness.

  3. So true. Couple of jerks are all over YouTube with their pits and complimenting each other's bad ass pit bulls. Once someone gets hurt, they'll change their tune. The "one bite rule" was written LONG BEFORE we were over run with killer pit bulls. They don't " bite", pit bulls take a bite. Needs to be revisited with these demons around.

  4. What a harrowing story. The damage could have been a lot worse, but those memories will never go away. And this "Darnell" character — unbelievable.

    In response to GetAPetaHome, yeah, that "one bite rule" was obviously designed with the Labrador or poodle in mind that bites someone once, and with proper training, may never bite again. It was not designed for an animal that mauls people and dogs with the intent of killing them.

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