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4 thoughts on “Announcement: Wishes for the New Year from

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  1. @ That in 2013, lawmakers prioritize the safety of their constituents over animal welfare lobbying groups with an agenda solely for animals.

    These animal 'welfare' organizations and lobbies don't have an agenda solely for animals. They have an agenda SOLELY FOR PIT BULLS. They don't care a damn about all the animals pit bulls are savaging.

    So my hope for 2013 is that all these SO-CALLED animal and 'humane' organizations start doing what's best for animals — namely calling for bans on all pit bull type dogs and working to have these pit bull type dogs die out quickly.

  2. My hope for 2013 is that the successes of 2012 – and there were many – snowball into an exponentially larger group of people who recognize and call out pit bulls and their owners for the threat that they are.

  3. It is my hope, that in 2013, the organizations that have been advocating for pit bulls and other dangerous dogs see substantial decreases in their donations.

  4. It is my prayer that continues it's great work. That donations continue to support this work. That innocent people and animals are spared. That maulings from a bad dog never happens again.

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