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4 thoughts on “Elderly Woman Suffers Broken Hip and Crushed Wrist After Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Letter to the editor from family
    Several need to be thanked for help following dog attack
    "As many of you now know, my mother, Eleanor McDonald, was viciously attacked by a pit bull in the evening of August 17, 2009 at her residence.

    The animal involved in this attack was not tagged for rabies, nor did he have a shot record from any veterinarian. Nor was this animal properly restrained by a means sufficient enough to prevent his escape and protect the citizens of Rantoul from his potential to inflict harm or possible death. This is unacceptable and is 100 percent the fault of an owner with no sense of societal responsibility.

    (My mother) had a right hip replaced, and her right wrist pinned in four places, and suffered two bites, cuts and scratches. She is presently undergoing therapy and should have a somewhat complete recovery, over time…"

  2. Animal Control officer Theresa Floss died a week after being knocked down by an aggressive pit bull. She hit her head causing fatal brain injury. Oddly, the family denies the link between the two incidents, though she has been hospitalized SINCE the incident. (So was the hospital negligent in her death? Was she beaten while in her hospital bed and that's why she suffered fatal brain injury?)

    "Police say a Connecticut animal control officer has died a week after being knocked down by a pit bull that was threatening a family in Plainfield. Police and a funeral director say 47-year-old Theresa Foss died Thursday at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Her cause of death wasn’t released. Police say the dog did not bite Foss, and Charles Gagne of Gagne-Piechowski Funeral Home in Jewett City says her death was not related to the Sept. 29 incident.

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