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11 thoughts on “Anti-BSL Group, American Canine Foundation, Testified for Seller of Dogfighting Videos

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  1. Hard to believe someone can actually make a living being a “Pit Grifter”. For some reason vulnerable Pit Bull owners send these types donations instead of buying liability insurance.

    Yee Haw! Let’s go Hog Doggin!

  2. Brisbin said: “animal fighting publications found in Rivera’s home are typical for dog breeders and kennel owners .” Decent breeders would not be caught dead with such materials, nor would they ever have any interest in them. Testifying in the Ruiz trial was truly a new low for Brisbin.

  3. The so called “Responsible” Pit Bull community deplores dog fighting…wink…wink ..

    I almost teared up when the nutters showed up at the candlelight vigil for the wildside kennel bust dogs. The main organizer wore the hat of a twice convicted dogfighter.

    They just dont get it…

  4. These groups are BUSINESS LOBBIES.

    They were formed to protect the financial interests of pit bull breeders and pit bull fighters.

    They oppose regulation to protect the BUSINESS of pit bulls.

    They fraudulently try to claim they are interested in animal welfare. They aren’t. They are interested in MONEY from animals.

    You will also see the pro-puppy mill lobbyist Patti Strand of the AKC trying to claim she runs an “animal welfare” organization and trying to trick reporters and legislators.

    Patti Strand lobbies with a lot of these pit bull breeders, and many dog fighters have links to her NAIA on their sites.

    And now some of these people are involved with Best Friends.

  5. What an interesting and diverse cast of characters!

    Stevens looks like you might find him with a wide stance in an airport men's room or possibly in a book about serial killers-creepy looking guy! Brisban has that all american boyish look with a grin and sweater that isn't fooling anyone, and Bui, he looks like he is dressed for a mafia whistle blower interview on 60 minutes.

    Anyone remember what the board of directors looked like for Rocky and Jere Alexander's dogfighting shrine,

    Tom Garner, pit bull breeder & convicted dog fighter
    Dr. Anna Grimshaw, anthropologist Emory University in Atlanta
    Terry Williams (AADR), convicted dog fighter
    John Koerner, second generation pit breeder and dog fighter (California Jack was invited but I don't know if he ever accepted or if the site was shut down before he could join)

    Higher education and psychopathy are not mutually exclusive.

    Has anyone ever heard of anthropologists studying the cultures of rapists or murderers or pedophiles?

  6. It will be interesting to see what action the Supreme Court takes. Does anyone here know about the images that Bui refers to: “He also explained that images from Mr. Stevens’ films had been extracted and used by animal rights organizations to campaign against dog fighting.”

    Even Diane Jessup throws Stevens under the bus:
    “Well, what can I say? From the fighting dogs on the cover you might get a hint where this author is coming from. Mr. Stevens was busted in 2005 for selling illegal depictions of dog fighting with his videos one of which was called “Pick a winna”. Another showed a dog slowly tearing a barnyard pig’s lower jaw off, eventually killing the animal. He also advocated the use of pit bulls as attack dogs. So, you decide if you think you can learn anything constructive from this guy.”

  7. Another ACF failure:

    January 17, 2008 – American Canine Foundation v. Ben Sun

    The District Court rejected all of the ACF’s claims.
    “In 2006, the Board of Supervisors for Los Angeles County unanimously elected to adopt an ordinance that allows for the mandatory spaying and neutering of dogs within the unincorporated areas of L.A. County. The ordinance was carefully drafted to allow exceptions to the ordinance in certain circumstances such as competition dogs, and unlike many similar laws previously drafted, the L.A. County ordinance did not single out any particular breed for application. Shortly thereafter, The American Canine Foundation filed a claim with the U.S. District Court…”
    “It is important to note that the decision of the Court showed a strong belief that it was well within the powers of the legislature to impose laws on animal owners if they can any way be related to the safety of the public at large, stating that “any private interest in the ownership of unaltered dogs is subject to more limited procedural protections.” The Court also recited a Supreme Court decision, Sentell v. New Orleans, more than once within its own opinion. Noteworthy from that opinion is “Even if it was assumed that dogs are property in the fullest sense of the word, they would still be subject to the police power of the state, and might be destroyed or otherwise dealt with, as in the judgment of the legislature is necessary for the protection of its citizens.” This decision in itself will most likely keep the present issue from ever being brought again before the Supreme Court.”

  8. I guess you will be able to sell child pornography as long as you don’t get caught filming it. These people are soooooo stupid.

  9. Some of the Nutter groups are circulating that this post has been taken down due to threat of a lawsuit…It clearly has not!

    I guess they are looking for any kind of victory to dupe the weak minded nutters into sending money.

    Note to Nutters: DBO is not your enemy…The Dog fighters and breeders pumping out unstable maulers in criminally irresponsible numbers are. Wake up!

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