Announcement: Wishes for the New Year from - The new year of 2013 is upon us after completing one of the deadliest years in fatal dog maulings ever recorded in the United States. Dogs brutally killed at least 38 people last year; half of them (19) were children ages 8 and younger. Over 60% of all dog bite-related fatalities in 2012 involved a pit bull. On this weary, though predictable note, we created a collection of New Year's wishes for 2013. Readers can leave additional wishes in the comment section. New Y… [Read full blog post]

Announcement: Wishes for the New Year from - The dawning of a new decade is upon us. The year 2010 will bring many changes to as we relocate our organization to the state of Texas. Instead of tracking new U.S. nonfatal pit bull attacks and police and citizen shootings of dangerous pit bulls in 2010, we will focus on analyzing the data documented in both areas from 2009. Additionally, once the relocation has occurred, the majority of energies must be focused on building a funded organization. N… [Read full blog post]