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30 thoughts on “Anti-BSL Organization,, Gives Donated Funds to Alleged Dogfighters

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  1. Scratch Back Magazine looks like a zine for “dogmen,” not a zine for dog lovers or legitimate pit bull fanciers. Note the last page…This is not a dog to bring home to your mother!

    Scratch Back Magazine on
    Notice how they talk about Scratch Back on this forum, they do not publicize how you can get a subscription. You can only gain this information by “PMing” a person and offering a reference…

    “shoot me a pm with some info on your self yrs in dogs, refrences and what not and we will see what we can do”

    Scratch Back Magazine on ROM
    Here's a game dog site that recently shut down ( It's got users talking about it as well, the page is still in cache:

  2. This is what gullible legislators don’t understand

    These breeders, breeder groups, and many of the pit bull “rescues” are DOG FIGHTERS, breed to sell to DOG FIGHTERS, or are connected to DOG FIGHTERS.

    This is all about the money and the crime.

    These breeder groups ARE lobbying groups for criminals, and the income of criminals

    Some are connected to high-profile “registries” (business lobbies themselves) but that doesn’t mean they are “reputable.” Far from it.

    And some organizations like Best Friends, ASPCA, and Nathan Winograd and his No Kill product have gotten in bed WITH the dog fighters and breeders and are defending their financial interests.

    It is a very tainted set of affairs.

    And people keep getting attacked and are dying.

  3. Quite a savory bunch! I especially the last:

    “White is additionally charged with rape, statutory rape, aggravated child molestation, child molestation and aggravated sodomy, according to recent warrants taken out by investigators.”

  4. Here’s a breeder lobbyist who is on the AKC board of directors (she gets their puppy mill registration business going)

    Well her breeder lobbying group NAIA has breeders in every state lobbying against BSL etc

    And her lobbying group’s website is linked and cited on DOG FIGHTER’S WEBSITES as representing their financial interests

    Just an ugly business

  5. Allie has quite the connections. She sounds like she is in the thick of things for sure.

    “Having spoken to quite a few old dog men this past year alone- I truly feel respect for them. The way they recall their dogs- like members of the family- tells me they love them. And, although I do not condone dog fighting I feel that if it were legal and carried on with vets and judges etc then the game would be better off, because many street thugs who do not love the dogs would not pay the taxes, deal with the judges etc.”

    RESPECT for these psychopaths! This is as nauseating as “wiggle butts”.

    It was fascinating reading how vigorously she defended Verdin even AFTER he pled guilty! The rest of the G-D scum were very critical of Verdin, openly that is. They do have to keep up appearances.

    I have seen this same kind of stuff with Cherie Graves on G-D. I know she was soliciting donations for Floyd. Maybe Allie is poised to become the next Cherie.

  6. There seems to be a pattern here…many of these pit bull owners have records of violence and sexual assault against children. Wasn’t it a registered sex offender in New York whose dogs killed the elderly WWII veteran?

    There was a Level Three sex offender who was released from prison, and moved into my community. As the law requires, we were notified of his presence. Soon after moving in he was seen loitering around public parks, watching childrens sporting events and practices. The excuse he gave for being there was that he was walking his dog, not stalking the children.

    Guess what kind of dog it was???

    Pit Bull.

  7. NJ Assemblyman Cohen recently resigned due to child pornograghy – he was against BSL and wrote a bill that would force home insurance companies in NJ to provide coverage no matter what breed of dog you owned.

  8. Thanks for sharing the dogman rag with us Very enlightening. I wonder what Allie's neighbors would think about her connection to this rag and Floyd, Al, and Juan.

    Allie is only 22 yrs old and already tight with the dog fighting heavyweights. Leads me to believe that she inherited this from her daddy.

    Photos of the "dogwoman"

    Video of the "dogwoman"

    Allie Renar AKA the flamingbitch

  9. Why are these young women so prone to jump in bed with the dogfighters?

    It makes no sense, since they claim to be dog lovers!

  10. Thanks to the above posters for their great investigative journalism….amazing how many in the humane movement are actually involved, in some way, with dog fighting.

  11. How does a 22 year old nitwit with 2 years experience raising pit bulls become an ‘expert’ on the breed.
    How does this same 22 year old nitwit get so ensconced with men who have been fighting since her mama was her age or younger?
    How does a 22 year old nitwit make it into the secret society? These guys don’t let just anybody in.

  12. One of the sad things about individuals like legislator Cohen is that the fighters and breeders use buzzwords designed to get their sympathy and trick these legislators- empty declarations like BSL is “racism” and “prejudice”

    How can these legislators be so gullible?


    “Having spoken to quite a few old dog men this past year alone- I truly feel respect for them. The way they recall their dogs- like members of the family- tells me they love them. And, although I do not condone dog fighting I feel that if it were legal and carried on with vets and judges etc then the game would be better off, because many street thugs who do not love the dogs would not pay the taxes, deal with the judges etc.”


    Re: What do you think of the Toney Blood?
    “i like Toney blood and i liked Toney himself.ol Toney was bought by Bob Wallace early in his career,Toney was a great great grandson of Searcy Jeff who was a damn fine dog in my opinion.then Bob bred Toney back to madame Queen wich produced King cotton who in my opinion is one of the best dogs in my opinion.infact cotton and Toney became cornerstones of Bobs breeding program.Toney was a good dog who won his matches on heart because thats about all he had going for him everything else was just average and nothing to really write home one knew or even dreamed Toney had as much heart as he did untill they seen the famous match that took place in Rulesville Mississippi back in the early 40’s that changed everyones mind including my own.toney was matched against a dog named Ted and ol Toney fought through not one but 2 broken shoulder given to him by Ted.with the first broken shoulder Toney held his own and never showed no signs of a broken shoulder and just looking at it there was no way to tell.Toney would get holds on Ted even with that busted shoulder but they was always short lived and Ted stayed on top.ol Toney never showed any signs of quiting,then Ted busted Toney’s other shoulder and well past over a hour into the match then Bob picked him up.and after much thought Bob put Toney back down for a courtesey scratch really just wanting to see if he would actually do it.and to everyones suprise Toney did it no one ever thought he would do it but he did.he done it very slow and very diffrent but with that same grit he had at the begining.Toney inched along using his back legs since his front was worthless,hell he even flipped over on his back and scooted along to get there.then after 2 minutes he made it to Ted and had to be taken off using break sticks.ol Bob and many others including myself had a tear in our eyes and the whole room stood up and applauded Bob and his dog.Bob wrapped him up and took him home in a blanket and took him home as a retired dog.after that match no one had a doubt in their minds this was a special dog and was always and still is considered to be a damn fine animal.i know this was kind of a long story to tell you but that should anwser your question about whether or not this is a good line to get them off of.though it may not be as pure as in earlier times it is still something i think would be worth taking a chance on.”



  14. I laugh every time I read the “racism” and “prejudice” comments.
    They (especially Cherie Graves) always want to bring this back around to to Nazi Germany, all the time forgetting that not only were the germans trying to eliminate races of people, they were also trying to create the ultimate race of people. The dogmen and pit nutters are far more “racist” than we are. The manner in which they excuse the atrocious level of animal aggression in pit bulls is absolutely obscene.
    “Dog aggression does not mean human aggression”
    These people really are not very bright. They couldn’t think out of a barf bag, which by the way is exactly what is needed after reading this story about Toney. Respect is the last word that i would choose to describe my feelings for dogmen or the idiots that come to their defense.
    Death to them all and I ain’t talking about the dogs.

  15. She loves pit bulls but helps dogfighters? I bet she is one of those flaming hypocrites that bashes animal control when they have to euthanize a pit bull, but could care less when dogfighters torture a pit bull.

  16. It’s really hard to understand how that angel face is concerned with and or connected to these…um…rather despicable faces.

  17. Well, if this is the way the honorable old time dogmen loved and cared for their family members, I shudder to think of the way the “many street thugs who do not love the dogs” treat their dogs.

    Honestly, I know if she is stupid, immature or naive.

  18. What DIFFERENCE does does it make who paid for the ad?
    Whether she paid for it or some third party paid for it. She appreciated the gesture. She did not become outraged and demand that it be removed.

    I guess it all depends what the definition of IS is!

    Somebody is playing with words.

  19. “In a subsequent blog post to our own (United We Bark), claims to “not subscribe” to Scratch Back magazine or “know the details of its contents.”

    Ever watch the tv show COPS?

    The above paragraph sounds like one that I have heard on COPS many times. After searching a suspect and finding crack ON the person,
    the suspect says, “That’s not mine officer. I don’t where that came from. Honest officer, it’s not mine.”
    Cop: “This is your wallet, in your pants pocket. How did it get there.”
    Suspect: “I don’t know officer. All I can say, that is NOT mine. I do NOT do drugs.”
    Cop: “Ever been arrested?”
    Suspect: “Uh…yeah.”
    Cop: “What for?”
    Suspect: “Possession with intent.”
    Cop: “And this is not you crack in your wallet that I found in your pants pocket?”
    Suspect: “No officer. I swear to God! That is NOT mine!”

    I lOVE that show. LMAO. It’s a hoot. You should check it out.

    “I don’t know what’s in that magazine.”
    Oh Yeah. TOTALLY believable!

  20. She calls this blog post a “personal, unfounded” attack, yet she wrote the very content that the blog post is based upon! Stupid is, as stupid does I guess.

    She bashes on this forum (and who knows how many others):

    The whole lot of them seem convinced that the HSUS and PETA are the anti-Christ. She (apparently Freedom Pup) and someone else dedicate full blogs JUST to bash them.

    Tulsa Oklahoma pit nutter bahamutt Lindsay Biddle says:
    "Don't hide. It's bad enough when people play those childish games on the forums, but this is an organization that wants to have an aura of respectability, yet they do not honor the concept of fair rules of engagement."

    These game-doggers are really full of themselves. Cajun Rules do not exist in cyberspace. Game-doggers love to thump their libertarian chests but when it comes right down to it, they secretly desire the protection of the nanny state.

    Respectability? I try but it so very hard to keep up with G-D and its stellar members. It is nearly impossible to keep up with threads like 'Snitch Revealed' where game-doggers have posted an alleged snitch's photos, name and address.
    Game-doggers blame this "snitch" for every bust since the beginning of time, even though Juan Verdin swears this 'snitch' wasn't involved in Arizona. There is so much hypocrisy among these idiots, it's overwhelming.
    EVERYBODY is innocent until proven guilty, RIGHT ALLIE RENAR? But what they really mean is Every DOGMAN HICK BUDDY OF MINE despite the bloody carpets, scarred dogs, dog remains, medical kit and history of dog fighting, is innocent until proven guilty. They think Michael Vick deserves to play football and earn a living after prison but John Goodwin does not. Floyd B who has been fighting dogs for over 40 yrs can change but Goodwin can't. You guys need some basic critical thinking skills over there. That is not likely to happen since Game-dogs are a religion to these clowns and we all know what religion does to critical thinking skills.


    colbydogs says "I have no respect for rats, I do not care what the crime is either. All rats need to be be tied to fucking stake and burned alive."

    colby that is a pretty extreme and absolute sentiment that you express there. We have something in common, that extreme and absolute sentiment is EXACTLY how I feel about pedophiles and dog fighters, breeders of fighting dogs, and spectators of dog fights.

    re: Hiding.
    Game-dog has been trying to call me out for awhile. Little does this bunch of psychopaths know that childish taunting only works on school boys and insecure adults who feel they have to prove something. A tactic that works well among the scum who must pit their dog against another to prove THEY are tough.

    I know THINKING is not one of your strong suits so I will give you a hint:
    I have to hide.

    Oh hell, I will just go ahead and tell you, it is Christmas after all.
    John M. Dennison would see my IP address and ban me. That would be really bad since we all chat on a regular basis.

    Merry Christmas. I'll be seeing you on the forums 😉

  22. The game-doggers must have their panties in a bunch by now.

    CLEAN HANDS DOCTRINE – Under the clean hands doctrine, a person who has acted wrongly, either morally or legally – that is, who has ‘unclean hands’ – will not be helped by a court when complaining about the actions of someone else.

  23. Poor, ethereal and starstruck Allie doesn’t even realize she is in league with the deviants that created the BSL mess in the first place. The pit community should be trying to breed safer dogs, yet they still allow the deviant dogmen to control the breeding standards.


  24. It takes a lot of know-how to keep your identity hidden on the Net. One needs to be constantly at it as well. All kinds of businesses (and friends and family members) release personal information to the Web on a constant basis. Most people simply can’t grasp the Jupiter-sized amount of data that is online and accessible to anyone that cares to look. (Not that you had to look far to find this “ethereal and starstruck” Allie person.)

  25. Sick monsters and people give to these causes and organizations not realizing what they are REALLY supporting. Maybe if people are to stupid to care about the connections to dog fighting they might be promted to consider the connections between pitbull promoters and child abuse? Sick creeps can't respect any form of life. Sadly these Psychopaths are promoted by our clueless legislators, and celebrities.

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