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6 thoughts on “Woman's Dogs Suffer 'Exploded Ribs' and 'Shattered Leg' by Pit Bulls

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  1. As the owner of a dog that suffered a shattered back leg, I know this dog may have to suffer with it for the rest of her life. Hopefully at only 9 months old, she will heal properly and completely. Otherwise, complications and arthitis can lead to expensive medications and treatments to manage the pain and partial loss of mobility of the leg. Looks like all that training may go to waste. Although none of that will be compensated for.

  2. This is where there is division in the AKC.

    The AKC doesn’t want any regulations for pit bulls 1) because the AKC opposes ALL regulations related to dogs in any way in a kneejerk way (for money reasons) and 2) because some AKC breeders breed pit bulls (they just call them “Staffordshire terriers)

    BUT these dogs in this incident were propabably from AKC “show dog breeders.”

    So the dogs owned and sold by AKC breeders (“their own,” because AKC breeders don’t care at all about non-AKC breeds and mixed breed dogs) ARE GETTING RIPPED UP AND DECIMATED BY PIT BULLS.

    Surely there must be some AKC breeders, selfish as they are, that are concerned that “their breed” is getting attacked by pit bulls, and that pit bull regulations would greatly reduce these attacks.

    However, AKC breeders are so extremist, so easily led by the fanatics who oppose anything and everything, that I don’t think they will do anything about it.

    And AKC breeder dogs will continue to get chewed to bits by pit bulls.

  3. American Pit Bull Terriers: The Truth Behind One of America’s Most Popular Breeds
    Dawn Capp

    The three registries also expect different behavior in the ring. The AKC disqualifies any dog that shows aggression in the ring. The UKC recognizes that these dogs tend to be dog aggressive, but judges will often disqualify a dog that growls or lunges at another dog int he ring. In the ADBA show ring, dog aggression is not a reason to disqualify a dog. In fact, dog-aggressive dogs tend to do well in the ADBA.

    Not even the AKC, an organization that zealously combats breed-specific legislation, is immune from breed discrimination. While handling her female Amstaff in a multi-breed class, a woman in southern California was dismayed to find the judge inspecting every other dog except hers. In fact, the judge seemed downright afraid to approach the lone Pit Bull in the ring. Some AKC Amstaff enthusiasts also grumble about possible breed discrimination in the order of breed classes, since Amstaffs are almost always shown very early in the day. This practice has caused some Amstaff owners to speculate that the AKC wants the Pit Bulls off the show grounds early to avoid scaring members of the public and other handlers who are not afraid of the breed.

  4. I think this pit bull owner’s mentality is typical of most owners of pits. “It’s not their fault, I raised them right, it’s the victim’s fault”, caused this woman to walk back into her house with her dogs and leave the chaos outside. This “attitude” is being cast everywhere, save the pits. What does it take? One chimp attack makes international news while many children die from these dogs, dogs that are brought into homes all over the country. What are we thinking here?

  5. I can absolutely tell you that AKC breeders are very much breeding and selling aggressive Am Staffs

  6. This is why I don't go out without a knife anymore. Pit creeps don't care about their victims but they might think twice about controlling their damn dogs once it has both eyes stabbed out.

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