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5 thoughts on “National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 20-26, 2012)

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  1. I'm enjoying the increase in activism. Seems as if, in the last year, people all over the world have passed the tipping point.

    They're tired of living in fear of being attacked by pit bulls. And they've had enough with how shabbily the victims are treated.

    And now we're doing something about it.

  2. I agree! People are speaking out now like never before!

    The HSUS criticism of the Solesky ruling as "emotional" is completely laughable. The "seismic shift" is nothing more than a "strict liability" law that many states have already implemented.

  3. Speaking of seismic shift, it appears to be happening in my very own neighborhood.

    Newly moved in renters have a very muscular pit bull and a pit mix. The pit bull is muscular to the point of looking like a doggie version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Wonder if it's being trained for dogfighting. People involved in that activity tend to like strong, beefy dogs.

    The seismic shift relates to the truck that's parked out in front of the neighbors' house. It's animal control. Doing an investigation, perhaps?

  4. I agree with you all, that there is a definite shift. I've noticed it in comments on attack articles. 3 years ago, the nutters outnumbered the anti-nutters 20 to 1. Not anymore! And so many of the comments are "Blah blah blah, we're tired of hearing it!" Of course, there is still the occaisional article where the nutters have obviously rallied each other to post "my pittie is wonderful" stories. But I have definitely seen a change. Kudos to Colleen for being the torchbearer! I'm sorry you were ever put in this position, but think it is so very admirable that you have turned your personal attack into public service.

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