National Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 20-26, 2012)

The Good, The Perverse and The Uplifting - Last year during National Dog Bite Prevention Week, we noted that there is no National Dog Mauling Prevention Week, an even weightier public health matter than dog bites. The tips and tricks offered up during this national week to prevent a dog bite hardly address horrific dog maulings, mainly inflicted by pit bulls, which will attack indiscriminately and continue attacking until shot to death or nonlethal human inte… [Read full blog post]

Standing Firm on Pit Bull Ban: Lakewood Councilman Brian Powers Responds to Critics

Stands by Pit Bull Ban Lakewood, OH - Councilman Brian Powers responds to non-constituent critics about Lakewood City Council's efforts to make their city a safer place to live. When I agreed to serve as a member of Lakewood City Council, I vowed to strive to do the right thing for our residents, not necessarily the popular thing. Since introducing legislation to ban those dogs know as “pit bulls” from Lakewood, all members of Council have been deluged with e-mails arguing aga… [Read full blog post]