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6 thoughts on “Pit Bull Ban FAQ by Lakewood Councilman Brian Powers

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  1. Good to see a city leader who doesn’t buy the dog lobby’s pit spewage.

  2. This man is a hero….this is brilliant. Who is he and what is his background? He has single handedly shot down every stupid argument the pit-bull apologists use…logically, without apologies or emotion.

    His Q&A answers were simply brilliant. I wonder if he has a background working with dogs, because he really sounds knowlegable.

    This is the kind of public servant we all deserve…someone who will stand up for his constituents and do what is right.

  3. I’ve been doing this for years, using pro-pit bull web sites to prove what I say to pit bull owners. They don’t care. They say I misinterpreted it wrong, or say it’s just the rescue’s opinion. When a person who owns one pit bull thinks they know more than a rescue, it’s no wonder there are so many problems with these dogs.

  4. The Pit Nutters are too far gone…Your dealing with people who have done the mental gymnastics of being a dog lover yet bring a dog designed for killing other dogs into a neighborhood.

    Efforts should be directed toward writing City Councils/Legislatures.

  5. The dogs are unpredictable and that’s the end of it.
    I’ve heard loads of stories where owners have been nothing but kind to their pit bull and then it’s suddenly turned.

  6. FFS! muzzles for ALL dogs!?!? When was the last time you saw a corgi go on the rampage and kill?
    Pitt Bulls are vicious- it’s in their genes.All dogs may ocassionally bite but it hasn’t reached crisis level with 60%-70% of fatalities due to one breed!

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