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16 thoughts on “Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Two Fighting Pit Bulls Shot Dead at Dulles

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  1. Pit bull dog-aggression, which is completely "acceptable" amongst pit bull owners and many humane groups, maims and kills countless pets! By default, this aggression leads to human-aggression as dog owners intervene to stop their dog's throat from being ripped out by the pit bull:

    "David Golt, 48, and his dog Boo were attacked by the American bull-terrier type breed as they left the Butter Market in North Street, Chichester. Boo, an eight-year-old Lakeland Shitzu cross, had to have her eye removed, and Mr Golt suffered a fractured finger after it was bitten to the bone as he defended his pet."

  2. "Questions were raised about whether the dogs were properly crated since they were apparently fierce enough to break free."

    Containing a pit bull is not an easy task as demonstrated by the whole State of Ohio and numerous U.S. cities that require special containment for pit bulls. My favorite is Leflore County, Mississippi, which requires a four-sided pen, 6-feet high with a top and concrete floors!

  3. Who can forget the heart warming tale of the Pit that broke out of it's crate inflight, then beserkedly chewed through aircraft structural components and wiring?!?

  4. These are dogs bred in the US by DOG FIGHTERS (who call themselves "show dog breeders" or "responsible dog breeders") that are selling their fighting stock to other countries.

    This is trafficking of FIGHTING DOGS.

    The breeders are making HUGE amounts of money breeding dangerous & aggressive fighting dogs, they don't pay a dime in taxes. They get massive amounts of money from corrupt foreigners (including foreign organized crime) to sell & ship these dangerous dogs.

    Any surprise that they can fund these pit bull lobbying groups to oppose regulation and make up fake statistics and lies to cover up pit bull problems? (and give money to sketchy "humane" groups or "humane experts" that will do the lobbying for them)

    Pit bull "advocacy" is BUSINESS LOBBYING. This is all about the money.

    Money that is made from foreign countries as well. Money that is made from foreign criminals as well.

    This is like underground illegal arms sales, and it should be treated as such.

  5. Here we go with the unfair stigmatizing again!…How do we know these dogs weren't being delivered to a Korean orphanage to serve as Nanny Dogs?!?

  6. So now, not only do we have to worry about the safety of our pets in our own yards (with countless cases of pits breaking through or jumping fences to get at the other animals inside), our houses (pits bursting through doors and windows in "home invasion" style attacks and lingering behind to terrorize the unsuspecting home owners), on walks and in dog parks (with unleashed pits wrecking havock), but now we also have to worry about pits in the cargo areas of airports?! Where does the madness and the carnage end, and why aren't charges being filed against this mysterious dog owner, who is almost certainly a breeder of fighting dogs?

  7. For those of us who have had the displeasure of seeing a pit bull attack another dog, it is an experience you will never forget.

    The cost of these two pit bulls is probably well over $2,500 per dog.

    These dogs were going to be used to dominate dog fights in Korea. There is little doubt in my mind, that's where they were being shipped for.

  8. Ever wonder why Pit Bull groups lobby to have BSL overturned in places like the Netherlands and Italy?!?

    Also, it is odd how Air France is protecting it's customer…..$$$$$$$!

  9. The secrecy of this case is very disturbing. There is no doubt that these dogs were being shipped abroad for the purposes of dogfighting. So "ready to attack another dog" they attacked each other in the darn airport! It's gross that airport officials did not name the owner of these dogs.

  10. A private investigator could get the name of this breeder for a small amount

    Since police had to use their weapons, I am sure this is in some kind of public record

    or a worker for the airline would happily supply it

    This airline needs to be reported for transporting fighting dogs

  11. How would the airlines know before hand that these dogs were fighting dogs? The DAMNING issue, it seems, is that they protected the owner of these likely fighting dogs.

    To address your point more closely, however, how long has this pit bull breeder been USING THIS CARRIER to ship his dogs? And, NOW I SEE YOUR POINT much more clearly!

    Thank you!

  12. Does Air France award frequent flyer miles to fighting dog trafficking customers?

    Right under the nose of the USDA too!

  13. There is a dutch connection too. Air France and KLM are working together:

    Welcome to Air France-KLM Cargo.

    Air France Cargo and KLM Cargo have integrated their commercial activities per October 2005. At the same time, both airlines started the coordination of their operational systems and activities.

  14. Now years ago a private plane landed in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The pilot was screaming and asked for an emergency landing. The crated pit bull he was transfering had gotten out of its crate and was trying to get through the door to the pilot. When he landed there was an ambulance and animal control. The pilot was not injured. The dog shot—–. The pilot said he didn't know what kind of dog he was flying.

  15. @anonymous: Ever wonder why Pit Bull groups lobby to have BSL overturned in places like the Netherlands and Italy?!?

    Indeed, the PB lobby here (NL) is a big exporter of PBs for the international dogfighting circuit. Our Minister of Agriculture knows this, yet chose to repeal the ban. You see, enforcing the ban costs government $$$$, while the breeding and dogfighting activities go untaxed. Our 'humane' societies consistently ignore the many PB-caused dog / animal deaths, animal murder by PB, worried about losing $$$$$ due to member resignation if they protest. Our Ministry of Justice admitted on national television that the PB scene is an organized crime scene, but said it would cost too much to try to unravel and prosecute it. After all, only 1.5 people a year die in this country of PB-attack (of which 80% children, but what the heck, children can't vote anyway), and aside from those it's only dogs that die.

    It's my opinion that many 'scientists' have also prostituted themselves in this issue due to fear of losing income on the politically correct lecture circuit.

    So you're right — follow the money if you want to understand this insanity.

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