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8 thoughts on “Rusk County Jury Returns $7 Million Dollar Verdict After Fatal Dog Mauling

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  1. The jury sent a very strong message and Cynthia Kent is an attorney I want to remember!

    That's what I was read too, Dark, with my hopeful eyes. It would be great for everyone! It would be great if Justin's mom could see some money, but if what she gets to see instead is a growing change in this country – that saves other children's lives that might be something, too.

  2. If I've read this correctly, this is a tremendous victory, not just for the Clinton family but for all victims of pit bull and Ambull attacks in the state of Texas and beyond. This sets important court precedence. KNOWLEDGE of the breed alone is evidence of negligence when they attack and kill. Bless you, Ms. Clinton, for pursuing this so vigorously and tirelessly. I know that nothing can ever compensate for the death of your precious boy, but you have put a huge chink in the wall of anti-BSL activists and those who wish to own dangerous dogs but refuse to own the consequences.

  3. "she could hear the dogs ramming the fence over and over again trying to get out. She testified these dogs were so vicious that they wanted to get out of the fence to try to eat Justin"

    This is what sets the fighting breeds apart from all other dogs.

    Pit bulls are the product of hundreds of years of selective breeding FOR aggression, prey drive, drive to kill. They can and will endure pain themselves to get to their target and kill. Kill for the sake of killing.

    This is what pit bulls are and always have been bred to do, and this is why they are not and never have been pets. This behavior can't be "trained" out of them, it can't be "loved" out of them, it can't be "fixed."

    All the lies and myths in the world concocted by the pit bull lobby can't mask these deadly truths about these fighting breeds.

    The pit bull breeders, dog fighters, and pit bull sellers know that.

    Which is why they preemptively manipulated naive legislators into signing a law preventing regulation of pit bulls, so that even as pit bulls kill, the breeders and dog fighters could continue to profit from pit bulls.

    This harmful law, that has resulted in many deaths and injuries, which denied regulation of pit bulls to protect public safety was solely to protect the financial interests of a pit bull lobby that not only does not pay its taxes, portions of it are also involved in criminal activity with these dogs.

    Legislators hurt the people of Texas when they catered to a tiny percentage of selfish, careless, greedy, and even violent people associated with the pit bull and dog breeding world.

  4. "John Heike, counsel for the dog owners, told the jury that trial would not be necessary if the dogs had not been immediately euthanized by animal control officers following the attack."

    What? So some whore of a 'behaviorist' or whore of a vet could do a trivial behavior test and declare that the dogs weren't aggressive? Even after they killed a child? It's right that these dogs are dead. Vets and 'behaviorists' have now completely undermined their own credibility by working with these aggressive breeds fans (except Semyonova, Beck, Lockwood and a very few others).

    As far as state legislatures forbidding BSL within their states… It would be nice if they included in the law that the State would pay all damages not covered by owner insurance. Take the consequences of their own stupidity (or, in Texas, their KKK affiliations), ya know. Face public protest about all of us paying for the consumer preference of the few.

    Suppose these anti-social idiots HAD had insurance. How much would their $7 million in damages have raised the rest of our premiums? Even if an owner has insurance, I don't at all feel like paying (via my premiums) for the fact that anti-social people choose these mutant dogs.

    The larger public wants breed bans. It's time legislatures stop representing only vocal and moneyed lobbies and the KKK and start representing the rest of us — as they're paid to do, and as it should be in a real democracy.

    I do really think the State of Texas should pay the $7 million, as a sign of taking responsibility for the misguided law it passed.

  5. Clinton's attorney, Cynthia Kent, says Texas needs a law to prevent dog attacks, like the one that killed Justin. She said, "some people have pit bulls and they think their pit is a safe pet, unfortunately, they're a safe pet until they act on their abnormally dangerous proprieties."

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