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22 thoughts on “Triggers: What Prompts a Pit Bull to Attack?

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  1. Particularly an ADOPTED pit bull! Who knows where he came from? Think the agency told the family: By the way, a child SCREAMING can launch a pit into attack mode?

  2. The response my dog has to a screaming, crying child is to come over, wagging his tail, bowing submissively, and lick, lick, licking the upset and crying child until the child stops crying or starts laughing…whichever comes first.

    But then my dog is not a pit bull…..

  3. Thats one confused Nanny Dog!…The nutters are probably rationalizing that the dog was trying to get the ants off the child.

    Let’s hope the adopting agency carefully evaluates this placement.

  4. There is only one reason and that is a gene that causes a defect in the brain which expresses itself in aggressive behavior and the inability to control this behavior. It’s not how you raise them, it’s not what you do or don’t do, it’s in their genes.

  5. Add being a storm door. A pit bull came up out of nowhere and started chewing at my door, it was trying to get in my house. I was so scared it was going to get in, and I had my 9 month old son with me.

  6. My neighbor (in an apt building in nyc) has a pit bull. 7 months ago, the dog lunged at me, his mouth open. The owner pulled it back before anything happened. I told the owner to put a muzzle on the dog. He refused. I wrote to the building management. Twice. Nothing happened. In fact, the owner blamed ME and said I exaggerated the lunge, which I didn't (I'm just not the type of person who exaggerates and I love dogs, was raised with them so have nothing against them.) Tonight, I was in the garbage room on my floor, I opened the door to go to my apt and the pitbull and her owner had just come around the corner. They were about 15 feet in front of me. The dog suddenly started barking, snarling, trying to break free from his leash and come to me. She literally looked like she was nearly foaming at the mouth. The owner dragged her towards the elevator as if NOTHING HAPPENED. I am scared for my life now. What can I do since my building is doing nothing?

  7. Well. there you ya go. If you own a Pit Bull, all you have to do is avoid doing any of those things and you will be fine. It would be easier to just dhoot yourself.

  8. It would be a full-time job keeping this list up-to-date. You can add putting up Christmas decorations (

    And now you can add trying to put a sweater on a pit bull:

    The comments on this article are particularly ignorant. Do people really think this is normal and acceptable dog behavior? Yikes.

  9. You say that it's your right to own any kind of dog you want, even a Pit Bull. Tell that to the parents of the little children.

  10. Pitbulls have no place in society and are a threat to humans and other dogs. Their owners should be held criminally negligent for any and all of their dog's offenses. In reality they all need to be put to sleep.

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