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6 thoughts on “Texas Lawmakers May Tackle Breed-Specific Law Next Year

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  1. I’m stunned the people of Texas have been taking the Pit maulings for so long…

    Lillian’s Law while good a punishing(if enforced), is only part of the equation to reduce the maulings.

  2. Well, something has to be done….you have a type of dog for whom the primary “stewards” of the breed are, and always have been, crimals….sadistic, degenerate gamblers known as the “dogmen”, and drug-dealing gang members. These are the people who are, primarily, breeding and creating the majority of these dogs.

    Next, you have your run-of-the-mill losers, punks and thugs who breed to make a quick buck. Unemployed high school drop outs, who couldn’t even spell the word “genetics”, much less understand anything about breeding animals.

    So, there you have the source of most pit bulls. It doesn’t take a genious to figure out that there is no way to keep the public safe as long as these dogs continue to be bred by the “element” that is currently breeding them. Add to the mix the cult following the breed has……the misanthropic zeolots, the “rescue angels”, the pit bull activists, who are primarily groups of psychologically unwell individuals, whose primary goal is to maintain easy access to the breed and who protect and enable the dogfighters and back yard breeders. The situation is such that it cannot ever improve, unless the general public stands up and demands regulation of the breed. Its time to pressue lawmakers to act in the interest of public safety.

  3. Keep in mind that in Austin, No Kill Nathan Winograd and his dog breeder/dog fighter buddies are trying to infiltrate.

    So expect to hear a lot of Winograd and related lobbies spewing propaganda and falsehood about pit bulls, trying to protect the breeders and oppose legislation

  4. Texas should be a case study for how Premptive Anti-BSL doesn’t work!

    In the past three years Texas has lead the nation with 15 DBRF and the breeds involved are entirely predictable.

    1 GSD/Dobie team killed a 90yo woman

    2 Seperate deaths involving Rottweilers

    12 women, men, children mauled to death by Pit Bulls.

    And the nutters wonder why insurance companies don’t eagerly collect premiums from them!

  5. Don’t hold your breath, but it appears forces in San Antonio — BEXAR COUNTY — are working to bring change!

    In Texas, several cities — including San Antonio — are petitioning the Texas Municipal League and local lawmakers for a bill this session.

    “This is something we’ve been working on,” said City Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos. “I would like to see the city come to the table and work with one of our local state legislators to see if we can push this issue forward.”

    Last year, 10-year-old Amber Jones was fatally mauled by a pit bull in Ramos’ South Side district. Nationally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs every year — including 16 fatal attacks.

    Recent maulings in San Antonio and Bexar County — including an incident in which a woman was nearly killed on the South Side in August and another in which two county workers were attacked by a pair of pit bulls — have bolstered momentum for more stringent regulations.

    “Vicious dogs are a public health and safety concern,” said interim Animal Care Services Director Victor Medley. “It’s one of the No. 1 concerns here in San Antonio.”

    Maybe there is hope for San Antonio victims after all.

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